9 Pure Components that Can Be Used to Cowl White Hair


This post is about some effective and natural ingredients that can help you hide gray and white strands in your hair. These are wonderful, affordable, and affordable options for anyone looking to stay away from the chemically loaded hair colors available in the market. Let’s take a look at these natural ingredients that do amazingly well at covering white hair.

1. Black Tea: One of the best ways to make hair color black is with black tea. You need to make a strong black tea decoction. Now flip your hair over and rinse it off with black tea. Let the liquid sit for at least 15-20 minutes. Now repeat the black tea conditioner on your hair at least 2-3 times. This gives you a nice rich dark black color on your hair. You can also add black tea to the henna powder. All you have to do is brew some black tea and then add some egg yolks and lemon juice. You may want to add instant coffee powder to the mixture for better results. You also add the amla powder. You have your dye ready. Warning, don’t forget to keep it quiet overnight – around 6-7 hours, give it some time and then you have your dye ready. It will result in black hair.

2. Indigo: It is by far the most popular co-ingredient with henna powder. However, it’s not that obvious that you mix the two powders right away as this will brown / auburn your hair rather than the auburn black streaks you want. What you need to do is apply henna first and then take indigo. In simpler terms, you apply henna powder to your hair first, followed by indigo powder. Then add lemon juice and a little table salt and then at least two spoons of cornstarch together with water. You put all of this in a mixing bowl, then stir it properly to get the performance you want.

3. Walnut shells: Walnut shells are an excellent way to color your hair dark brown. Take some walnut shells, mash them and boil them in water for about 30 minutes. Once the liquid is prepared, you can apply it anywhere you want to turn your hair color dark brown. You can also apply it anywhere to change the hair color.

4. Henna: soak henna powder in water and set aside overnight. You can also add heavily brewed tea or coffee to this mixture to improve results. Apply this mixture to your hair and scalp and let it sit for a few hours before washing it off.

5. Potato peel: Boil the peel of about 6 potatoes in water until the frothy starch forms. Separate the shells and collect the water that contains all of the starch. Wash your hair with shampoo and then use conditioner as you normally would. Now take the potato peel liquid and apply it to your hair. You don’t have to rinse it off. The starch from the potato peel gives your hair pigment and thus ensures gray strands.

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6. Rosemary and Sage: These herbs are great ingredients for adding a dark brown tint to your hair. Take some rosemary and sage and boil in water for about 20-25 minutes. Strain the liquid and apply it to the hair as needed. Let this sit on your hair for as long as possible before washing it off.

7. Coffee: Brew a strong version of the coffee and let it cool. Apply it on your hair and let it sit for some time before washing it off with plain water. You can also add this brewed coffee to a henna concoction for better results.

8. Carrots and beetroot: If you want to add a red hue to your hair, carrots and beetroot are excellent options. You can use either or both of these together in their juice form and apply it to your hair wherever you want to add a red shade. Let it sit on your hair for an hour before washing it off. To make the paint last longer, you can wash it off with apple cider vinegar.

9. Curry leaves: Take some curry leaves and cook them in a saucepan with some coconut oil. Continue heating until the mixture darkens. After that, let the oil cool down and apply it to your hair wherever needed. Let it sit for about an hour before washing it off. Curry leaves help restore the dark color of your hair, and the oil ensures that you have soft and smooth strands.

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