Peloton Teacher Ally Love’s Engagement Ring Particulars


OK, Peloton Cycling Instructor Ally Love not only has a little bit of loot, she has a lot of it, too. Just take one of their classes on the digital platform and it will be clear. Ally, who is also the founder of the Love Squad women’s health community, recently got engaged to her partner Andrew Haynes, who suggested a total surprise on the beach in Mexico. The ring has loot – Love notes that you’re no longer seeing classic round diamonds, which explains how the smaller diamond-studded band splits into two parts – and Andrew customized it himself.

Haynes came up with the design, which he brought to the couple’s jeweler, Danny Mikhay, and called it “an observation of” [Ally’s] Style over the years. “She agrees, it suits her.” It has a bit of loot and personality. I think the ring shows my personality very well because it is balanced and composed, but also that I like to have fun, “she told POPSUGAR, reminding us that the ring is really just a physical representation of love and commitment is that she and she have Andrew shares and that they’d rather not get caught up in the shiny things.

“When someone you love gives you something, you use this thing. You show appreciation by using this thing, so that’s exactly what I’ll do with my ring.”

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However, since she had no clues as to the type of ring she wanted (other than an old magazine tear that she once showed Andrew when they were contracting), Ally wondered about the meaning of the stone. “I always do my best for you,” he said when she asked. Ally and Andrew share the same birthday and birthstone which is a diamond so she loves this connection. We had to know how she wanted to style it – for example with other jewelry or maybe with a cycling training outfit – and right now she’s wearing it with two thin gold thumb rings on her left hand.

“I’m someone who has rings on every finger, I’ve been doing that for years. I plan to work with them when it makes sense. When I run or do something with weights or heavy dumbbells, I usually take my rings off, because I don’t want to cut my circulation or damage any jewelry. I think I’ll wear it for cycling because the engagement ring will be as much part of my everyday life as possible. One of the things in my relationship and in my family that is really important is when someone you love gives you something, you use this thing. You show appreciation by using this thing, so I’ll do just that, my ring, “Love said.

Scroll down to enlarge the gorgeous design Ally proudly wears – and watch for a lightning bolt the next time you sweat in one of her Tabata-style bike classes. Perhaps, thanks to its romantic story, it will offer you temporary tranquility.




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