Sporting Republic Day Trend Impressed By The Colors Of The Indian Flag


The only thing we look forward to every January besides the Lohri and Makar Sankranti Festival is getting up early in the morning and getting dressed for the Republic Day parade.

The 71st Republic Day Parade has its share of pageants from various states of India, dance groups, Indian Armed Forces walking along the Rajpath and Indian Army helicopters flying in formation during the R-Day Parade.

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The only thing not to be missed is the Republic Day fashion. In fact, the fashion trend on Republic Day tends to be more towards wearing three colors – the saffron, whites and greens, which can classically be called mix-n-match.

Before you prepare to take part in the grand parade this year, here are some helpful tips on how to dress in three colors for this 71st Republic Day.

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Celebrities who showed their fashion trend on Republic Day:

If Freido Pinto looks extremely cool in saffron and a green dress, then Kareena Kapoor looks like a million dollars in a mix-and-match outfit, which has one of the colors of the Indian flag.

Celebrities fashion on Republic Day

Our sexy Malaika Arora Khan didn’t shy away from wearing green shorts with an oversized white shirt and a smart looking orange handbag. So, if their makeup and hairstyle are not right, they could be making another fashion statement.

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R-Day Couture to flaunt:

1. Tricolor shades in kurtis:

This short Indian top has its own way of hypnotizing people. When it comes to Republic Day style, you can go for a loose fitting or a body hugging style, whichever makes you feel most comfortable.

The fabric you have chosen for daytime republic wear should be of your choice and taste, preferably rich, such as silk, khadi silk, tussar silk, cotton silk, and chanderi fabrics. Make sure that the fabrics you have selected do not create summery tones.

In terms of colors, explore green, orange, and white, or a mixture of all of these. If you want to further enhance your Republic Day style, drape a contrasting color stole. You can combine it with jeans, pants, capri and even jeggings. Doing this will give you the feel of western outfits to wear on Republic Day.

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2. Spots of patriotism in saris:

True Indian clothing is a delight in itself considering how long the length is anywhere from four to nine meters. The Indian saree is the best form of ethnic clothing on Republic Day. It’s elegant and suitable when it comes to wearing trends on Republic Day.

For the R-Day dressing, you can wear a saree of your choice made of cotton, silk and khadi. There are designer saris also for women who prefer Fusion clothing as Republic Day style.

However, if you want to show off your ethnic Indian roots on Republic Day, it is best to wear a tri-color saree on Republic Day.

The best color combination is wearing orange with green edges. You can also bring variations in the way you drape or wear a saree.

Ethnic clothing for this Republic Day

3. Place of tradition in Indo-Western fusion clothing:

Let’s call it a mix of tradition and trend, this type of fashion ensemble is increasing the most. You can wear a ghagra style skirt with a blouse in quarter sleeves, or you can wear a salwar and dhoti style kurta.

There are online shopping portals where you can buy western outfits to wear on Republic Day or have them customized in a boutique

Tri Color on this Republic Day

Wear an orange see-through top if you want to cut a modern figure on Republic Day.

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4. Taste of the colors of the Indian flag in fashion accessories:

When you dress in Republic Day style, you may look blank if you don’t wear a matching, trendy and minimalist or traditional style.

Wear these fashionable earrings or shiny bangles. But also make sure that they are available in the color combination green, white and saffron.

Even an orange lipstick (don’t wear green for Christ’s sake) and smoke green eyes look damn pretty on you. Make sure they match your skin tone primarily or you will look loud and out of place.

Tote bags can also be three-colored. They will reflect your patriotic spirit over your shoulders.

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Wear your Indian flag bracelet on your wrist to engage in patriotism.

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The three-colored clutch as shown is perfect for sports with a kurti, salwar kameez or jeans.

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For time lovers there is this green sports watch from Timex that proves your timekeeping style.

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Talk of trendy heels on this Republic Day and those green, gorgeous shoes from Shoe Republic would help you steal the limelight when you teamed up with a western outfit.

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Pick up nail colors in white, green, and orange and let your nails speak the language of Republic Day.

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Republic Day Nail ArtSource:

Special Republic Day earrings for you so your ears can flaunt the patriotic spirit too.

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Look tricolor on this Republic Day by wearing this stunning pair of ethnic necklaces and earrings in three colors.

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Are you already thinking about the 71st Republic Day? Are you already thinking about fashion for Republic Day? Walk the Rajpath with a patriotic spirit and let yourself be seen amid the nobility as you dress in three colors on this Republic Day.

Share pictures of you, family members, or close friends dressed in Republic Day style. Only then can we celebrate it in an ethnic, trendy and unforgettable way.




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