Friday Finds & Examine-ins, Quantity #586


Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those buying little or nothing!), Chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent purchases / rediscoveries: Natasha Denona Love Collection came out late last Friday! I picked up more shades of Becca’s Dewing Tint, suspecting it was similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, but wasn’t 100% sure (it’s described by Becca as a tinted moisturizer) until I tested some shades.
  • Weekend plans: I am happy that I was able to advance a few days last weekend. So it’s really just about keeping up with the progress and making the progress that I can make. Always better early than late! I also visited a nearby farm and fed some of the animals for a bit of furry fun. They have mini horses, llamas, goats, donkeys, cows and even a pig!
  • What did you hear or see the most in January?: I haven’t heard a particular artist or album yet. I mainly listened to the Lo-Fi Beats playlist on Spotify! I watch Great British Bake Off again to watch before going to bed as it always helps me relax and unwind.

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume 586

These are all photos from the first day we had it! To my constant regret, I only had tiny, cropped photos of him in his early puppy days – back when the camera quality was poor, the megapixels were single digits, we had no camera phones and no hard drive, the storage space didn’t feel infinite …

He was eight weeks old when we got him and weighed only 10 pounds. It was much to his dismay that day when he took a bath and learned to put on a collar (top row, second photo, he adapts!). In retrospect, he was actually a very relaxed, relaxed puppy. We could even say an incredibly simple pup; He was easily house trained and very trainable. I coo over his little blonde eyelashes (which turned white over the years) and his real black nose (which turned pink over the years).

I had never had a puppy before so it was my first puppy experience! My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I moved in together (after two years of long-distance relationship) when I returned to graduate school in the Bay Area, and six months after living together, we added this guy to our family. I remember being very clear that in the event of a breakup the dog was mine!

It is amazing how many life events come and go in 13 years, but he was there for so many. He was our little baby when we got used to living together as I went through graduate school, moved between three apartments, then moved into a first house, got married, and moved States into our second (current) home.

Here is a weight chart that I kept for the first six months or so! I put it here so I always have a copy that I can find.

  • 8 weeks – 10 pounds
  • 9 weeks – 12 pounds
  • 10 weeks – 15 pounds
  • 11 weeks – 18.2 pounds (vet visit!)
  • 12 weeks – 22 pounds
  • 13 weeks – 26 pounds
  • 14 weeks – 30 pounds
  • 15 weeks – 32.9 pounds (vet visit)
  • 16 weeks – 36 pounds
  • 17 weeks – 39 pounds
  • 18 weeks – 42 pounds
  • 19 weeks – 44 pounds
  • 20 weeks – 47 pounds
  • 21 weeks – 50 pounds
  • 22 weeks – 53 pounds
  • 23 weeks – 56 pounds
  • 24 weeks – 60 pounds
  • 25 weeks – 63 pounds (June 11, 2008)



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