Karlovy Fluctuate Doesn’t Intend To Transfer Dates Regardless of Cannes Date Overlap – .


EXCLUSIVE: The organizers of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Central and Eastern Europe’s leading film event, have told us that despite the new overlap with Cannes, they do not intend to postpone their usual July dates.

The Cannes Film Festival postponed its traditional May dates from July 6th to 17th this week. The popular Czech Festival Karlovy Vary takes place from July 2nd to 10th.

Managing director Kryštof Mucha and artistic director Karel Och told us: “At the moment we are not thinking about changing the dates of the 55th IFF in Karlsbad. We are closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic and abroad. Should we ever discuss moving the festival to the later part of the summer break, the sole reason will be greater flexibility in terms of cinema occupancy, which means we want to offer our audience the most important asset of KVIFF, an atmosphere and a comfort, that is closer to the festival they know. “

Cannes Film Festival and Marche Delay until July – Update

This week the Czech government announced that it would introduce stricter measures against Covid. Cases in the country are still high. More than 8,000 new cases were registered yesterday.

In Karlovy Vary there are usually up to 200 films and more than 1000 industry and media guests. Held in a quaint Czech spa town, the event moves more than 100,000 tickets annually and has welcomed stars like Robert Redford, Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Judi Dench, Susan Sarandon, William Friedkin, Miloš Forman, Stephen Frears and Oliver Stein.

While it is virtually unknown that two major film festivals are happening at the same time, with so much uncertainty it could turn out to be a good thing to have multiple options on the table – for those who can’t or don’t want to travel abroad, for example. And next July, no one will complain if Europe is lucky enough to be able to host two major film events anyway.




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