Decoding The Love Standing With The Valentine’s Day Costume Code 2021


It’s not a birthday or anniversary. No silver or gold anniversary. But why is it the most anticipated month and day of the year?

It’s a question of the HEART!

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is an unforgettable day for lovers. Over the years, it is a day that celebrates the love you share with your significant other, friends, parents, pets, and more. Love is a universal matter; Valentine’s Day is just the most common opportunity to express this.

What brings me to the most important topic – any idea what you will be wearing on that day, February 14th?

No, I’m not asking you to break the bank or your wallet. You just have to be extra picky about the colors and dress code that you will wear for V-Day. So that your other half will be able to figure out the message you want to convey through the Valentine’s Day color code.

In short, here is the 2021 Valentine’s Day dress code for you. It means love day dress code or Valentine’s day dress color code. The idea is to get the message across to your loved ones through the color of the dress you are wearing that day, about their mood swings and lifestyles, your deep feeling towards that “special someone” and what your mind wants to convey through the colors that Wear it today.

PS: The Valentine’s Day dress also helps you tell if you are available or already booked! Haha…

Basically, the dress code for Valentine’s Day indicates the status or mood of the individual and also of the couple. So it is high time to write down the color code for the Valentine’s Day dress. It will clear the air and send emotions flying around.

Valentine's day dress code

Valentine’s Day Dress Color and Meaning:

Every color you wear on Valentine’s Day indicates something – love, approval, rejection, pending status, etc. It’s fun and takes you back to the squishy romance some of us had when we were in college. Let’s find out what it is.

Dress color The meaning
blue Love applicant invited
green I’m waiting
red Two hearts, already in love
black Rejected proposal
White Sorry honey, I’m already booked
orange I will propose
pink Proposal accepted
Gray / purple Not interested, good luck next time
yellow Cut
brown Broken hearts

Valentine's Day Dress Code 2018Source:

Meaning of the dress code for Valentine’s Day 2021:

Relationship status….

This tells you the 2021 dress code for Valentine’s Day in the best possible way.

Do you need an example?

Ok, let’s say you are already married or engaged. Then do not wear the blue color – because the blue given above means that you are completely free and able to accept any suggestions for Valentine’s Day.

Hope you understood that Valentine’s Day color code is a very important topic. Lena-dena is from her heart, no money here. Since colors are so important these days and say more than words, make sure you choose your outfit correctly and don’t give the wrong signals. There should be no mistake or misunderstanding of “Broken Hearts” (brown color) with “Invited love applicants” (blue color). Or it can cause chaos. Love can be so serious (and humorous), you never knew.

Decoding the color codes of the Valentine’s Day dress code 2021:

Let’s have a detailed discussion of the dress code listed above for each love day. What does what

Blue Color – Love Candidate Invited:

No application that’s stupid.

Tired of being single on this journey called Life? Are you looking for loved ones or soul mates to spend the rest of your life happily with, making wonderful memories? Then choose BLUE, which means that you are looking for your “happy to the end partner”. Wearing a blue dress on this day is an indication that you are single and ready to mingle. If you wear blue it will clear the notice that you can accept the suggestion.

Valentine's Day Dress Code 2018Source:

Green color – I’m waiting:

“Waiting” is the most interesting and romantic thing that can ever happen to someone in matters of the heart (not business matters). Imagine that you have the feeling that one fine day he / she will accept your proposal. It will make your days more memorable thinking of romantic events that flood your mind. Wear GREEN on Valentine’s Day to let your loved one know that you are eagerly awaiting their response.

Valentine's day dressSource:

Red color – two hearts united in love:

Is love a red color? or red the color of love?

Everything that has to do with love (in the form of gifts, pictures or the like) will be mainly in RED color. That’s because red is a symbol of romance. So wearing red means that you are already in love with someone.

Dress code for loversSource:

Black color – Rejected proposal:

Ouch! This Valentine’s Day dress color code really hurts. BLACK means your proposal has been rejected. So on that day, choose black to let people know (not the partner who rejected you) that your proposal has been rejected. But hello, letting others know about your love status not only gives you sympathy, but also lets you say that you are single and ready to mingle.

Valentine's Day dress color codesSource:

White color – sorry, I’m already booked:

Wearing WHITE as a lover’s dress code shows that you are already reserved and that no hot hunk or sexy girl should be asking you for love.

Lovers Day Dress CodeSource:

Orange color – will suggest:

Sounds like a great mission to victory. By wearing ORANGE as the dress code for Valentine’s Day, you convey that you will propose your girl / husband on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day dressesSource:

Pink color – proposal accepted:

ROSA is cute. It has to be because it expresses the fact that you accepted the proposal with no “terms and conditions”. In fact, this color could be the ‘most wanted’ color to see and see on Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Pink colorSource:

Gray / Purple Color – Not interested, better luck next time:

Both PURPLE and GRAY as a Valentine’s Day dress mean you are not interested in taking the suggestion. They also mean the lover can still try their luck next time (who knows it might work then).

Valentine's day dressSource:

Yellow Color – Broken:

Did I hear glass breaking on both sides?
Choose yellow when you’ve broke up with your last love interest. Don’t be discouraged (since you broke one). Someone might be waiting for you.
At the end of the tunnel there is light. Heard about it?

Yellow COLOURSource:

Brown Color – Broken Hearts:

Did I hear the sound of glass on both sides, not one?

Brown is considered the saddest color according to the Valentine’s Day color code. Only put it on if you have a broken heart. Carry on, maybe the future has better prospects for both of you.

Valentine's day dress color codeSource:

So, boys and girls, lovers and ex-lovers and die-hard romantics waiting to find their “special someone” hope that the dress code for Valentine’s Day 2021 is clear to you. Be sure to know your feelings of love (interested or not, interested status) and you will be happy. Celebrate LOVE, but don’t let your outfit color create a mess! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed your writing. Like, comment and share! Happy Valentine’s Day 2021. May you always be in love!




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