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When I saw LeBron James this season, I was impressed with a new, loose quality of his size. For a long time he was by far the greatest basketball player in the world. Now, even though he’s not posting as many of his aggro training videos on Instagram – instead, they’re snapshots of a man embracing his throne. Every Sunday there is soccer on a huge TV wall. A new bottle of $ 3,000 worth of wine appears to be uncorked every night. He’s invested in a tequila company and will be in a big movie this summer. On the pitch, he basically sleeps in 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists a night. In addition, the king has apparently received a few more jewels: this time in the form of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore chronograph. The watch also features Bron-like numbers: the case, links, and bezel are set with 341 diamonds, and there are 104 more on the dial – diamonds worth just over 6.5 carats. This week too, Joe Biden’s watch rotation deepens and Damian Lillard shows us how he clocks Dame Time.

Jeff Haynes

LeBron James Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

James is also the king of the Royal Oak Offshore – he owns a small treasure chest of this particular model. It was seen with an openwork dial and tourbillon in gold and appears to have the same model made of stainless steel. Other collectors in the NBA come to James to purchase a specific model of the Royal Oak Offshore. “I want this piece so badly,” Draymond Green told me last October. “And it’s impossible [to find]. And [James] just wouldn’t give it to me The reality is, I mean, I would buy it from him. I offered him money to buy the watch, but Lebron James doesn’t need money. “Green had good reason to ask James: Not only does the Lakers superstar collect the model, but he also designed one with his name on it. This latest edition with diamonds is just another piece in James’ growing collection.

Almond ngan

Joe Biden’s Apple Watch

While last week the focus was on the new President’s Datejust, this week Biden went with a more everyman wrist accessory: the Apple Watch. Biden is the first US president to wear an Apple Watch, which is a bit surprising. But a president sending a message with his wrists on is nothing new. Worn by Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower, the Vulcain Cricket was one of the first watches with a working alarm – it told voters that you were a man who was always on time. The Apple Watch says something similar: A phalanx of advisors is not enough: the fraction of a second that saving an email with a tilt of the wrist could be saved is the difference between a prosperous and a struggling nation. “I think most political clothing consultants would say they either wear something super cheap like a Timex Iron Man or an Apple Watch to show that they are keeping track,” said Eric Wind, Wind Vintage owner and passionate about it Chronicler of the President watches told me last November. Looks like Joe thought the same thing.

Cameron Browne

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Damian Lillard’s Rolex Day-Date

Anyone who’s tuned into a Portland Trailblazers game knows what happens when Lillard is cooking. Lillard and his teammates, watching in awe from the bench, tap their wrists with their index fingers. Why? Because it’s Dame Time, that magical stretch at the end of the game when Lillard tends to take control. It’s a shame this man doesn’t have a watch shop, but in the meantime, Dame Time’s official timekeeper is the gold Rolex Day-Date.

Prince Williams

Roddy Richhs Richard Mille RM 055 “Bubba Watson” All Gray Boutique Edition

There is actually a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the movement on this watch looks like it is floating in the middle of the case frame. This Richard Mille was designed for Bubba Watson, the golfer whose style of play Golf Digest describes as “half art, half violent explosion”. Most golfers do not wear watches when golfing because the reverberation caused by connecting the driver to the ball can displace parts in the movement of a piece. This rule should apply twice to someone who plays “Bubba Golf”. Therefore Richard Mille designed a clock with four shock absorbers around the clockwork. I’m assuming this is the type of security measure required for a night out with Roddy Richh.

Issac Baldizon

Rolex Day-Date from Bam Adebayo

Old day-date ads focused less on the actual watch than on the type of person who wore it. “If you spoke here tomorrow,” says a picture of the United Nations building, “you would be wearing a Rolex.” Another says: “A Rolex will never change the world. We leave that to the people who wear them. “The watch is associated with the best of the best. That makes it a fitting choice for someone like Bam, who shot his way into the NBA elite this season.




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