Cross These Gadgets Off Your Grocery Checklist and Lose Weight


Your shopping list can actually determine whether you will lose weight or gain a few pounds in the coming weeks. For this reason, when making your grocery list, it is important to make sure that you take home things that can inundate your body with high calorie, unhealthy fats, high sodium and sugary foods, making it extremely difficult to lose weight . It would also be a good habit to read nutrition labels behind foods as they will give you a picture of the total calories, saturated fat content, added sodium or sugar content, and all of the other ingredients involved in making that particular product. Shopping without a shopping list can lead you to unhealthy foods that can attract with colorful packaging and unconfirmed claims. You can review Rati Beauty weight loss diets to find out what kind of foods can help you lose weight. In this post, we urge you to remove these items from your shopping list and lose weight in the process.

1. Margarine – Made from vegetable oils, it is extremely high in calories and there is a big misconception that replacing butter with margarine is a healthy choice because it is low in fat. However, the truth is that margarine is made from vegetable oils and salt, and emulsifiers, which can cause inflammation in the body and lead to belly fat. Please stick to normal butter.

2. Soft Drinks / Diet Soda: Any type of soda is bad for weight loss. Diet soda contains many artificial sweeteners that are just as bad as refined sugar. Soft drinks are all about sugar and empty calories, and that’s why you need to tick them off.

3. Instant noodles: Instant noodles, which are lacking in fiber, nutrients, and high in calories, can be comfort food for many people, but they are not good for weight loss at all.

4. Processed meat: Any type of processed food poses a health risk, even if it is meat or ready-made meals, as it has a trans fat content that makes it difficult to lose weight.

5. Salad Dressings: Salads are undoubtedly super healthy and ideal for people looking to lose weight, but store-bought dressings can add the calories in the form of unhealthy fat, sodium and sugar components.

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6. Canned fruit: Canned fruit are not just fresh fruit. These fruits are soaked in fructose syrup with high corn content, which is completely bad for health and weight loss

7. Packaged Fruit Juices: While these juices can claim to be 100% concentrated juice with no preservatives, the story is far from it – nothing can replace whole fruits with high fiber content. These juices not only lack valuable fiber content, they can also contain preservatives and artificial flavors. Reading the ingredient list will reveal the full story and the real truth.

8. Ready made coffee beverages: Refined sugar is added to make such coffee beverages attractive to the taste buds. Brew your coffee to get that caffeine kick.

9. Artificially Flavored Yogurt: Although we consider it a good source of probiotics, Greek flavored yogurt is also loaded with artificial color, taste, preservatives, and lots of added sugar

10. Biscuits / Biscuits: Made from refined flour, it is not healthy for the intestines or health.

11. Cupcakes / Cakes: All baked goods are actually high in unhealthy fats and high in calories.

12. Frozen Pizza: If you’ve been indulging in frozen pizza lately, it’s better to cross it off your shopping list as it’s made from unhealthy ingredients and is high in refined carbohydrates, artificial ingredients, and unhealthy fats.

13. Processed Cereals: Don’t replace your regular breakfast with cereals, they are an unhealthy way to start the day. Even most of the dehydrated fruit cereal packets covered with artificial colors have added sugar, which doesn’t make them good for weight loss.

14. White bread: Switch to black bread as white bread is made up of refined carbohydrates, which is perfectly fine for belly fat.

15. Frozen Desserts / Ice Cream: It’s easy to guess why we ask you to stay away from ice cream and frozen desserts – this is all about sugar and calories.

16. Microwave Popcorn: Popcorn is considered a low calorie snack, but the microwaveable popcorn bags usually contain a compound called diacetyl, which gives popcorn that buttery taste, but can lead to a disease called “popcorn lung,” which is basically inflammation of the popcorn is lungs. Pop your own popcorn with butter and corn kernels.

17. Potato Chips: Potato chips are not okay, even the baked ones, because when potatoes are baked at extremely high temperatures they release a compound called acrylamides, which can cause cancer. Acrylamides are linked to abdominal obesity. Research has shown that baked chips typically contain three times more acrylamides than fried chips. While potato chips are extremely tasty, an easy snack option, and your best companion when you’re bored, potato chips are extremely bad if you’re trying to lose weight from the middle.

18. Jams / Sauces: Fruit jams are the most preferred spread on toast and bread, but they are high in sugar that can spike insulin and lead to weight gain with regular use. It’s not just tomatoes, there are loads of chemicals in this sauce bottle.

19. White noodles: Made with refined flour, they are free of nutrients, fiber and lots of empty calories. Switch to whole wheat pasta with relatively more fiber.

20. Vegetable Oil: We often ignore the importance of edible oils and usually opt for refined and vegetable oils that actually contain unsaturated fats that can increase inflammation in body cells and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Here is a list of 7 low-fat cooking oils for Indian cuisine and a list of the healthiest oils for deep-frying foods to choose from in place of vegetable oils.

21. Refined Sugar: Eliminating white sugar is the easiest way to lose extra pounds without actually breaking a sweat. Choose better alternatives like jaggery because it flushes toxins out of the body, cleanses the airways, and because it’s high in potassium, iron, and other minerals, it’s much better than refined sugar. When you are low on energy and are running out of sugar, try jaggery (Indian gud) or organic honey in your tea, coffee, juice, etc. to increase your energy levels. Stevia leaves are also the safest form to use in place of artificial sweeteners or white sugar.

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