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Almost everyone got angry about Kenya Moore during the episode of ‘RHOA’ on January 31st. But some romantic lyrics by Dennis McKinley put a smile on Porsha Williams’ face.

Porsha Williams was still a single woman during the January 31st episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but based on Dennis McKinleyThe latest text messages to her that may not last long. Upon arrival in South Carolina for the cast trip of Kenya moorsPorsha took time out for a pool with a longtime friend Shamea Morton. And then Porsha let Shamea read some texts that Dennis had recently sent her.

In some messages, Dennis said to Porsha that he could no longer bear the “extreme ups or downs”. And he suggested that they “make it difficult” and join forces against the “good and the bad”. Porsha didn’t answer. Then Dennis sent another text that said, “I love you,” but again she didn’t reply. He even said, “Marry me,” whereupon Shamea Porsha said to go with him right away, but she wasn’t that enthusiastic about the idea yet. Instead she just replied, “Thank you.”

“Dennis sent me all these messages about how he loves me and wants to get back together – it’s kind of sexy. Not sexy in the way I want to have sex, but sexy in the way it’s flattering, ”Porsha said during her private confessional.

Dennis also told Porsha that he missed her before asking her about a date she would return from the cast trip, but she didn’t answer. So Shamea took Porsha’s phone and tried to answer for her, but Porsha chased Shamea and tried to stop her. It is not yet clear whether or not Shamea sent a text, but we hope she did.

The rest of the trip focused on Marlo Hampton getting mad at Kenya for giving her the worst room in the house (Kenya blamed Marlo’s constant backstabbing for this), Drew Sidora and LaToya But After this wig, things will finally be fine again, and Kenya serves the rest of the ladies to eat. Well, she didn’t exactly withhold food from them, but she ordered some tasty food than what was on offer in the fridge and everyone thought she was rude for it. To be honest, they weren’t too keen on how she hosted them.

Do you want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Bravo.




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