Nail Artwork Concepts For Valentine’s Day In India.


Since I’ve already confessed that I’ve become obsessed with nail art over and over again, I’m back with some more fabulous designs that I’ve tried. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am offering you some fabulous nail art ideas that not only fit the occasion perfectly, but also spice up your mood regardless of your profile status.

Valentine’s Day week is perhaps the best time to explore your creative side. These nail art designs for Valentine’s Day give your outfit a special touch. Just go through these simple designs and gather pointers for your imagination.

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TIP: Beginners can start with simple designs like love motifs on their nails, say heart designs, or just the three words that say I Love You.

Read on and stay inspired!

Show your funny side

In this design, you can just apply primers of different colors and then use the red nail polish color to write in some words that define the occasion, e.g. B. Kiss me, I love you, Be mine and First Love. Not only is this Valentine’s Day nail art design super easy, it also shows your fun side.

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Heart em ‘up

How about you show off tiny hearts on your nails that are super cute and beautiful at the same time? To do this, you need a white nail polish that you apply on your base coat. Then use your deep red nail polish to draw miniature hearts and fill them in. If you’re wearing a red and white dress, this design is the icing on the cake.

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If you are confident of your drawing skills then you should definitely try this eye-catching design as it can add great drama to your personality. To do this, you need glittering red nail polish, which you apply as the base color. You can then use a contrasting white shade. And with the help of a nail art tool, you can mimic this diamond and star design once the base color has dried out.


When you’ve lost your heart to someone

If painting was never your cup of tea then you can still seem to have some artistry by going for this super simple design. All you have to do is play with points and a heart that you lost to someone.

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To do this, apply a red base color and let it dry. Then, using a dotting tool, create a straight dotted line from top to bottom. And on each finger you can share the dotted line with a pretty heart.

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Break the stereotypical Valentine’s Day color

Go for imperial blue over red for your Valentine’s Day nail art design. Simply apply one or two fine coats of Imperial Blue and then use a thin brush to create hearts as shown in the picture. This design not only looks chic, it also adds a special touch to your style statement.

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And if you want to spice up your Valentine’s Day, add some glitter to your makeup by opting for this fabulous glitter nail art design.

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So these were my top tips on Valentine’s nail art ideas. Hope that helps!




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