Why You Want an “On a regular basis Warrior Tribe” in 2021


“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

As I look back on my last 20 years, I now understand that the influence of those around me was the foundation of my success. I have been the lucky recipient of being surrounded by more capable, humble, respectful, growth-minded everyday warriors for the same purpose: continuous improvement. Sometimes it was almost like osmosis – just being close to these warriors made me better in every facet of my life. From a £ 130 Marine Private to a £ 200 Tier One Operator and now an Active Entrepreneur – my success has largely been due to its impact on my life.

Choose your tribe carefully

Aside from the effects of self improvement, I had a strain. And everyone wants and has to be part of a tribe to which one has a feeling of esprit de corps – this feeling of pride, community and shared loyalty. A word of caution – a trunk can work either way. Belonging to the US Army Special Forces community can create a sense of pride, community, and shared loyalty. as well as belonging to MS-13 or ISIS. Make sure you choose a tribe that represents good and influences people in a positive way. A great quote from an unknown author confirms this:

When you are with 5 confident people you are the 6th.

If you hang out with 5 smart people you will be the 6th.

If you hang around 5 millionaires you will be 6th.

If you have around 5 negative people you are the 6th.

Your tribe will change

In life, you can switch between tribes, and that’s fine – people develop, people change goals, people change jobs or locations. The important thing is that you deliberately look at the people you surround yourself with. When I left the SEAL teams and moved to Austin, I didn’t know anyone. I felt stemless and knew I had to deal with people until I identified my closest circle of everyday warriors. It didn’t happen overnight, but I eventually found a group to call myself. Most of my current tribe do not live in Austin, but regardless of distance, we volunteer weekly if not daily. That’s the beauty of social media and electronic communication – when used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for building and nurturing positive relationships and interactions.

When I talk about each of my tribe members, these everyday warriors, I immediately start smiling and bragging about each of them. I feel humbled to be associated with them. In many ways, I am more proud of their accomplishments and successes than of my own. I wouldn’t be sure if I didn’t highlight some of the Everyday Warrior tribe members:

  • Lisa Jaster: Mother, West Point graduate, and the third woman in US Army history to graduate from US Ranger School … at age 37, no less.
  • Kirk parsley: Former SEAL became a Navy doctor. Renowned expert in human performance and sleep.
  • Glenn Cowan: Former Canadian Tier One operator and successful venture capitalist with an unshakably positive outlook on life.
  • Melody Schofield: Competitive Crossfitter and 3x American Ninja Warrior competitor.
  • Rob Jones: Former naval and double amputee. Paralympic, which ran 31 marathons in 31 days.
  • Chris Frueh: Renowned psychologist and behavioral scientist who personally helped me through my darkest days.
  • Dean Stott: Former British tier-one operator who has become a record-breaking explorer and adventurer despite an end-of-career injury. Best-selling author of Relentless.
  • Rick Kadets: Former Marine and one of the most talented artists and photographers I have ever met. The guy is always trying something new and never stops smiling.
  • Dan Luna |: Retired SEAL and Tier One Operator. Always looking for knowledge, if Dan doesn’t complete his PhD at USC, he serves as a human performance trainer.
  • Nick Shaw: CEO of Renaissance Periodization, one of the most effective, science-based diet and fitness training companies I’ve worked with. Former powerlifter and bodybuilder.
  • Rich divinity: Retired SEAL and Tier One Operator. Human performance and leadership coach. Author of “The Attributes: The 25 Hidden Drivers for Optimal Performance”.

Find your “Everyday Warrior Tribe” in 2021

Why introduce them? Because 2020 has influenced all of us, including the leaders mentioned above. COVID, quarantine, and even the presidential election have kept us physically and emotionally isolated from each other. However, we are taking steps to change this. To spread an alternative, positive and healthy message.

In 2021, our tribe looks forward to embarking on this journey we call the Everyday Warrior Initiative to tear down the physical or metaphorical walls that divide us and build one another. If, like us, you consider yourself an everyday person with a real desire to live a life of impact and continuous improvement, we would love for you to join our tribe and begin 2021 in an unprecedented, life changing way.

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