New Magnificence Obsessions for February


There’s a ton of new things going on in the Goop Clean Beauty Shop this month, and after trying, falling in love with it and agreeing on it, the beauty editors came out with a few favorites each. From a magical new skin serum to next-level hair products on the shelf, Jean, Megan, Simone and Brianna can’t get enough of them this month.



Executive Beauty Director

“Concealer (as opposed to a ton of foundation) is the key to a natural look without makeup. And the key to imperceptibly but effectively hiding dark circles, breakouts, or anything else is a concealer brush. This one is hands down the best concealer brush ever: it gives you the precision to put the pigment only where you need it, which is all. “

  1. Westman Atelier Spot Check Brush
    Westman Atelier Spot Check Brush goop, $ 38


“I know the fact that stress affects the age of your skin, but I often ignore it. De Mamiel employees have clinically proven the results of this new serum on the skin. It leaves mine glowing, let alone smoother, and it stops the feeling of my skin refusing to get moisturized that I get this time of year. It’s a miracle.”

  1. de Mamiel Stress Response Fix Serum
    de Mamiel first fix
    Serum goop, $ 175


Simone kitchens


Senior Features Editor

“The wintry mix of drier air, cool temperatures, and hot showers left my scalp unbalanced. After each shampoo, I’ve massaged drops of this lightweight serum to protect, moisturize, and support scalp health. It contains active ingredients such as apple stem cells, lupine protein, and rose and rosemary hydrosols to support nutrition. I like the way my hair air dries after use – soft and shiny (with no residue) and with the most subtle, super-appealing botanical scent. Most of all, I am relieved by how my scalp feels: calm, balanced and healthy. “

  1. Reverie Cake Restorative Scalp Tonic
    Reverie Cake Restorative Scalp Tonic Goop, $ 72


“Since using this flexible, palm-sized brush from Manta, my super-fine, tangle-prone, curly hair has never felt thicker, shinier or smoother. The brush conforms to the shape of your hand and head, creating less tension, while its pliable, forgiving bristles minimize stumbling blocks. (Manta’s founder, British hairdresser Tim Binnington, created it for his wife when she was regrowing her hair after an illness because her regular brushing resulted in breakage.) I got cuts every few months to keep the damage under control, however somehow Since I’ve been using this brush, my hair feels healthier than ever without it. Every night before bed I brush out my curls, massage them in hair oil, and then braid them back. And the brush is also great for untangling in the shower – it feels so good. “

  1. Manta hairbrush
    Manta hairbrush goop, $ 30


“I still can’t believe anyone managed to invent this truly transformative hair mask. Made with tsubaki seed oil for deep moisture and yuzu fruit extract for cuticle smoothing, it’s light and smells amazing – that’s the Crown Affair scent of yuzu, lemongrass and bergamot, and I love it so much. I use a wide-toothed comb (included in the Crown Affair kit) to apply the mask and then – depending on how dry my ends feel – let it sit for five to fifteen minutes to get the best-groomed, maintain healthy hair. I rinse and wrap my hair in the brand’s ingenious microfiber cloth, and the result is, quite simply, my shiniest hair imaginable. “

  1. Crown Affair The Renewal Mask
    Crown Affair The Renewal Mask goop, $ 58


Megan Oneill


Senior Beauty Editor

“This is a direct magic trick to instantly sculpt my face and make it look like my cheekbones are more ‘there’. (I have a baby face rather than a chiseled one that I’m very happy with, but who doesn’t want to turn it up sometimes?) It’s creamy and foolproof to use – the stick makes drawing and tying very easy, mix it up where you want – and this shade, truffle, is a bit richer than biscuit, making it particularly flattering on medium to dark skin tones. “

  1. Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick in Truffle
    Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick in truffle goop, $ 48


“Hairdresser after hairdresser tells me that scalp health is critical to shiny, healthy hair. This scalp tonic, which dissolves buildup, oil and dead skin, is my new secret weapon. Apply it directly to your scalp – enough so that you can work it in anywhere (bonus points for straightening with the gua-sha comb, which I love). Leave it on for about twenty minutes to allow the slightly herbal scented blend of detoxifying and somehow moisturizing oils to take effect, then rinse off in the shower just before washing and conditioning. I do it once a week and am obsessed with how flawless and comfortable it leaves my scalp. And yes, it really works for all hair types. ”

  1. Act + Acre cold processed scalp detox
    Act + Acre cold processed scalp detox goop, $ 42


“Gua sha everything gets my attention because the gua sha facial massages I did while working from home made an incredible difference in my skin. This hand-cut jade Gua Sha comb is by far the most glamorous in my bathroom and feels amazing on my scalp. I use it with the Scalp Detox – it helps spread the tonic and feels even better. I also use it to comb my curls (I soak them in conditioner and then go in with the gua sha) to keep them defined and detangled all week. “

  1. Nude + morning scalp Gua Sha Comb
    Act + Acre Scalp Gua Sha Comb goop, $ 40


Brianna Peters


Assistant Beauty Editor

“I heard about Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Sticks because I am obsessed with how one quick slap wakes my entire face in an instant. They also have advantages for skin care: they contain hyaluronic acid, jojoba and Ayurvedic oils. I’ve been waiting for this perfect shade for burnt roses – it’s the most beautiful pop of color in winter for cheeks and lips. “

  1. Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Bichette
    Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick
    in Bichette goop, $ 48


“I swear this is the key to a good day. I use it once a week when I’m doing some kind of ultimate all-rounder shower (scrub, shave, fitness, etc). I smooth this into my scalp and hair before getting in, then washing it off with the goop G.Tox scalp scrub just before getting out. It makes my scalp feel refreshed and my hair is shinier, more bouncy, and softer all week. “

  1. Rahua founder Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment
    Rahua Founder Blend Scalp &
    Hair treatment goop, $ 40


“This! I have long, fine hair and finding a great (clean) dry shampoo was a challenge until I tried this brilliant, next-to-nothing powder. It gives me fancy salon blowout volume and absorbs oil like.” nothing else – this is how my hair looks fantastic. I can get away with shampooing for three days. “

  1. Act + Acre herbal dry shampoo
    Act + Acre Herbal Dry Shampoo, $ 22





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