Scheana Shay Defends Stomach Button Ring & Diaper Buys Amid Mother-Shaming – .


Scheana Shay is fed up with her DMs delivering “boring messages” broadcast by critics who judged the star’s “Vanderpump Rules” decisions during her pregnancy. So Scheana defended herself!

Scheana ShayThe 35-year-old finds all of her mother’s unsolicited advice and shame in her DMs “angry”. The Vanderpump Rules star didn’t hold back when he called all of her followers who criticized her for a number of things during her pregnancy: buying “too many” diapers; their decision to wear a belly button ring; Cleaning the cat litter (which Scheana doesn’t actually do herself). Scheana started her ranting by reaching out to fans who thought the Bravo star was going overboard on her last few purchases in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

“It’s like some of the best tell me the baby is Brezza [a formula maker] is a waste of money, I bought too many diapers, I got too many of them … Because you, random stranger, told me that, should I return things? “Scheana asked about her Instagram story in a video that was shared on January 31st. She repeated this point by writing about the video:” What good does it do me if I have something that I don’t need or don’t have should it?”

Scheana was preparing for another wave of criticism. “I mean, my goodness, I have three months left. I can’t imagine what will come when I have the baby, “she continued, then shared a special request to all of her mother-molesters:” Just stop it. “However, Scheana made sure that she was“ really grateful ”to the fans who instead sent her requested advice on gestational diabetes and the glucose tests.

Scheana Shay shared some comments from fans defending her rather than shaming her. (Courtesy Instagram / @ scheana)

With that thank you out of the way, Scheana continued: “But on top of all that, ‘Take out your belly button ring, it will tear, it will stretch, don’t clean cat litter. ‘ [type of people]… like you guys I’ve been pregnant since last May … I’ve been pregnant for a long time … You don’t think I know that I shouldn’t clean cat litter? I got a litter robot for that … All those little boring messages are so annoying that they fill my DMs that I don’t see all the important ones that need to be seen. “

Scheana Shay showed off her navel piercing as she posed for a photo with boyfriend Brock Davies. (Courtesy of Instagram)

This is not the first time that Scheana reacts to “boring” DMs. “The worst” Scheana had ever received was a message from someone who asked Scheana to “kill” her unborn child. The mother-to-be did not hesitate to respond to the cruel comment.

Scheana kept her second pregnancy a secret until the end of October 2020. It might be Halloween season, but it was Scheana and her boyfriend Brock Davies broke the big news by dressing up in Christmas clothes (Brock was wearing Elf’s Buddy’s suit), posing by her Christmas tree, and sharing the resulting post on her surprised Instagram followers. It was a wonderful announcement after Scheana and Brock suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in June 2020 (however, Scheana had their first child in May, which is why the reality TV star said she was pregnant since that month).




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