5 Wonderful Methods To Use Cetaphil Cleanser in your Magnificence Routine


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Cetaphil Cleaner is a cult product even available at your local pharmacy as most dermatologists advise against using soap on your face and recommend a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil instead. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive types, as it is a soap-free formula that cleanses without tearing the natural oils off the skin. If you have inflammation, redness, rashes or breakouts, or even excessive dryness, a cleanser like Cetaphil is gentle enough not to make the situation worse. But there are other ways you can use this detergent. With its numerous benefits, it will almost become a staple of your vanity.

1. Do a Gentle Exfoliation Using Cetaphil and Other Natural Ingredients: If you find regular market scrubs on your skin, do a simple but effective exfoliation by mixing Cetaphil cleanser with oatmeal powder and applying it in a circle over the whole Face and skin rub the neck area. Along with peeling off dry skin, your skin will become soft and smooth.

2. Clean your makeup brushes with Cetaphil: yes, you heard it right! You can use Cetaphil to clean makeup brushes instead of harsh shampoos. Squeeze some Cetaphil detergent into a bowl of warm water. Now dip the brushes and clean them in this water. Alternatively, you can apply the cleaner to the brushes and rinse well to remove any makeup residue without damaging the bristles.

3. Can be used as part of the double cleanse routine: As you already know, the double cleanse is a two step process where a cleansing balm or cleansing oil is used in the first step and then all of the thick layers of makeup are applied down to the second Skip the step where a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil can be used to rinse off all makeup and remaining cleansing oil.

4. As an alternative to shaving cream: Replace your normal shaving cream with Cetaphil detergent as it gives a smooth shave without drying out the skin.

5. As a shampoo: Many people have actually started using Cetaphil detergents in place of their regular shampoos as they can cleanse without leaving their hair dry or frizzy. Just use it on your scalp and all of your hair and rinse off as you normally would. In return, you get frizzy hair.

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Do you know of any other ways to use Cetaphil Cleaner in the beauty routine? If so, please mention in the comments below 🙂

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