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On Wednesday when the Golden Globe nominations were announced, Unorthodox’s Shira Haas was at home in Tel Aviv, clinging to the text of the cast and crew group of the Netflix series. When both the show and Haas received nominations, there were “a lot of capital letters” in this WhatsApp chat, she told ..

“I’m super excited and happy,” she said. “It’s more than I expected. It’s the greatest. “We texted like crazy and called the crew one after the other. There’s a lot of love, although it’s been a while since we shot it. “

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The limited series Unorthodox created by Anna Winger plays Haas as Esther Shapiro, a Brooklyn-based ultra-orthodox Jew who escapes the boundaries of her marriage and community to start a new life in Berlin. “When I first got the script, I thought, how can I relate to this character because she comes from such a different world than me?” Said Haas. “But when I read it, I felt like a universal story, I could really relate to it, and I saw myself.”

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Haas, who was also nominated for an Emmy for the role, has found the feedback and appreciation for the show heartwarming. “We have received so many messages from people in so many different countries and cities,” she said. “By people who are religious, Jewish, Christian or non-religious. Younger and older audiences, women or men, from all over the world.

While referring to the story and thinking it was universal, Haas said, “I could only have dreamed that other people felt the same and how many comments and love we get from so many different people, it’s amazing how art and cinema and television connect us all, even though we are so different. It’s the most beautiful thing that could have happened, and it went way beyond what I expected. So it’s amazing. “

She can’t confirm any of the projects she has in the pipeline just yet, but said she would like to continue “portraying different characters who can connect us all even though we are different from them. And to keep telling meaningful stories. “




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