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Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature where ITG editors discuss our favorite products. They’re the best things we’ve tried, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized for all month before we have the opportunity to get fed up with them and move on to something new. This month we’ve chosen natural approaches to manufactured problems and manufactured solutions to natural problems. Consequences? For example, post-workout pain isn’t something a small herbal remedy can’t fix, while a handy blush comes close to winter blush without going out and freezing. Let’s call it logic in 2021, but it works for us. We bring the following into February:

“Gucci Westman doesn’t have to do much to impress me. I’m a native fan with a full stash of their products on my top shelf. (Give me a luxury line with a slight touch approach every day.” Week; Throw One Mention Jennifer Aniston and I’m sold) The Baby Cheeks Blush is my ideal blush tool – I prefer a pencil that I can apply directly to my face or with a brush depending on my mood. She just launched a new shade: Bichette, somewhere between a berry and a burnt red. As much as I like my tawny, brown, blushing blush that is more beige than pink, this deeper red screams winter red in a way which really matches the snowy mood these days.After polishing it up, I imagine that I was easily burned by the wind from a blue bird skiing day up on the mountain. Very romantic, especially when you consider that I haven’t left the house in three days. “- Emily Ferber

live it

“Yeah, yeah, I know you know. Beautystats Universal C just got a Top 25 award, so it’s certainly already on your radar. I just wanted to take a little moment and a few extra characters to poetically about becoming this stuff because no other vitamin C I’ve ever used really holds a candle.If you’ve ever invested over $ 50 in a serum that seemed to go bad overnight, I beg you, listen I end up tossing most of the vitamin C serums around the two month mark because they turn a rancid brown that tells me they have lost potency. I started this trial when we were knee deep in our testing process, and so did I. kept it because it’s really that good. Even months later. It’s still good. (Please excuse the worn bottle – if anything, that is proof that I am really using it.) The airtight pump and the su Beautystat’s perstable formula mean I can use my serum to the last drop without running to the finish line – most brands advise using Vitamin C Serum every day until it’s gone, but when I want to take a break or something else I can do with Beautystat’s. Beyond stability, you also have effectiveness. I mostly use vitamin C as a daily preventive measure along with sunscreen, but this one also gives me very remarkable lightening results. Appearance. It’s just really good skin care routine. Buy it if you haven’t already. “- Ali Oshinsky


“It’s not that I don’t believe in CBD, I’m just saying that I still don’t fully understand the hype. I eat these little gums and I feel the same way. I patted the lotions on my face and came over me.” however recently made the exercise bike lifestyle and my dislocated ass couldn’t – would – take it. Literally. There aren’t any seat cushions in the world that can make the experience more comfortable. and comfort, I’ll know you Letting is partly what I signed up for on an exercise program that requires a person to sit down. Since I am also too stubborn to return the bike, I have resolved the problem with this CBD cream most of the time Sitting untouched in my bathroom year round, some of the most ardent CBD fans have said that rubbing a little cream on the bottom of their feet turned uncomfortable heels into wearable footwear ndelt. With this logic I have this body rubbed melt butter where the sun does not shine. And it works? I can compare the feeling to a round of IcyHot or Be ngay, which makes me feel 20 years older and more comfortable. The coolness of the cream has a kind of numbing effect, with the added benefit of not overheating when peddling. It also smells like sunscreen and coconuts, which makes it jump better than Bengay right there. I rub it in before and after a workout – if it had just done the workout for me it would be the dream. “- Ashley Weatherford


“For those who didn’t know, Jones Road is Bobbi Brown’s (the person, not the brand) newest makeup company. Bobbi Brown (the brand, not the person) has been owned by Estée Lauder since 1995, but as Brown it started four years earlier and was pretty revolutionary. In Brown’s words, according to Top Shelf, “At that point, no one had done a great collection of processed, natural-looking makeup.” With her new line, Brown is breathing new life into exactly the same idea – let’s talk about these face sticks. They are basically concealer sticks, which certainly has been done. The difference is in the formula which is soooo creamy that I’m not really sure how it retains its shape The sharpenable tip allows precise application on pimples and also means you won’t smudge the concealer with your fingers or a dirty doe foot, and the opaque but skin-like finish below r is very different from other stick concealers I’ve tried. which are rather matt. What else can i say The smallest amount and 20 seconds mak I even look everywhere, even if there are not products everywhere. She only nails the classics. “- AU

nue co

“My decades-long war with sleep worsened this month – I had a puppy. And while my little guy is the cutest, most lovable, and cuddly furball in the world, he’s a very young pup too. That means I can in Expect one to four sleep-interrupting screams every night. And since it is already a Herculean task for me to fall asleep on a good night, the nocturnal squeaks have cut my average sleep time to sad hours. To give me a little relief, I’m an old one Favorite returned, the Magnesium Ease Spray from The Nue Co, which the founder of The Nue Co once described to me as helping me get a “good night’s sleep.” It doesn’t put me to sleep like magic, but it calms my brain at 2am in the morning so that I can fall asleep faster again Magnesium is a well-known agent for a better night’s sleep and the lavender scent of the spray s It also helps my brain relax (that’s olfactory memory at work). But maybe what I love most is that I have to do so little to get a good night’s sleep much faster. Three sprays on my legs and stomach, and then a few sweet hours of sleep before the next puppy cry. “- AW

A living, breathing problem solver

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“As a big blow to my ego, I have to admit that I don’t always know best. Especially when I’m alone in my bathroom and standing inches from the mirror. Arms literally reach hundreds of beauty products Part of it, I think, is that it’s always easier to take someone else’s advice than your own. It’s also one of the dangers of the job: If you try to top three new products a week, it comes to that Breakouts. I spend my days thinking about beauty. (You pay me for it! Ain’t that wild!) And I’ve gotten pretty good! But as many ingredients and their various benefits as I can turn upside down, I’m not one real dermatologist – and never will be. I wanted to start acne free in 2021. All that seemed to take was a quick kick in the pants from the good doctors at Spring Street Dermatology (that and a killer R etinoid recipe). I know this good insurance and access to first class medical professionals nals is not universal, but if you don’t seem to be breaking out of the acne cycle and have the luxury of seeing a professional in your area (or via telemedicine), I only can recommend. “- EF

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