[Review] Pocket Angel Private Security Alarm For Ladies’s Self-Safety


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I admit I’m paranoid about my personal safety. Going out in public alone while I’m on the phone or listening to music is a big no, and locking my car doors as soon as I get into the car is just a matter of course at this point.

These are just a few examples of what I practice alone in public and I am sure many women in Malaysia do the same.

How can we not when sexual harassment incidents have increased since 2013? Note that these are also only cases reported by the PDRM so we don’t know the full picture.

“Being a woman, alone and unprepared – the combination of those three things my mom always calls the recipe for danger,” Serene Ho, Pocket Angel brand manager, told Vulcan Post.

As a teenage girl who broke curfew, she just didn’t get it back then. It was not until she moved to KL for an internship that she heard terrible personal stories of theft and assault by her peers.

She began to worry about walking to train stations and parking lots by herself, especially if she was holding her purse. “My mother’s years of advice have finally arrived – I am responsible for my own safety.”

While trying to find ways to keep women safe, Serene hit on the idea of ​​Pocket Angel, a personal security alert for women, and of course she sent one to her mother too.

Compact and convenient to use

To describe the Pocket Angel device, it is elongated and slightly larger than a USB stick.

It has a bright flashing light and a 130dB alarm activated by pulling the tab to alert others around you to the danger you are in. To deactivate it, simply push the tab back in.

“The last thing an attacker wants is attention. And with Pocket Angel it does exactly what an attacker would be afraid of: attracting attention, ”summarized the Pocket Angel team.

Because it’s so compact, it can be hung on your pocket, phone, purse, or anything else with straps for easy and quick access in a split second. The team also took its looks into account and made it available in 5 different colors that can be used as an accessory for anything you hang it on.

The batteries can last 3-5 years (the team hopes you end up never having to use them often) and no charging is required.

I like the battery feature as I don’t dare to think about charging it every time the juice runs out. However, if the batteries run out at any time, the Pocket Angel team has prepared instructions on how to replace them.

Pocket Angel was designed to be simple and intuitive to use, so everyone from children to the elderly can use it. In addition, in an emergency or in a panic, using a complicated tool to defend yourself is not ideal.

In addition to buying just one Pocket Angel for RM49, 2 packs are offered so you can protect family and friends as well:

  • 3 pocket fishing devices at RM109
  • 5 Pocket Angel devices at RM159

For the packs, you can mix and match the colors at no additional cost. For orders over RM 90, delivery is free.

Vulcan Post readers receive a 10% discount (maximum RM 30) on their purchases with the code VULCANPOSTXPA This is valid until March 19, 2021.

Empowering women: starting with the equipment

So I tried Pocket Angel myself and let me tell you – it’s loud. On the flip side, the bright flashing light isn’t a big problem as it should be facing away from the user anyway.

As a result of a quick google search, I was told that a volume of 130dB corresponds to the launch of fireworks or the launch of a military aircraft. This sound reaches a distance of up to 180 m.

Disclaimer: The volume of the Pocket Angel in the video below is not representative of the actual volume due to the video compression. For those with epilepsyBe warned that the video contains brightly flashing lights.

I then needed to know if using Pocket Angel could pose a risk to the user’s own hearing and the team addressed my concerns.

“It’s definitely possible and we don’t want anyone to take the risk of impairing their hearing. However, we also recognize that volume is key to getting the attention of the surrounding area, ”the team said.

The Pocket Angel Team / Photo credit: Pocket Angel

“Hearing loss only occurs when the ears are directly exposed to the loud noise for an extended period of time (usually around 15 minutes). However, we hope you don’t have to use Pocket Angel that much! “

While this may just be a simple device to some, in my eyes it gives me confidence to go out on my own with more control over my personal safety (although of course that doesn’t mean I don’t know my surroundings).

This enables me not to be completely dependent on anyone else and I am not vulnerable. At least I have something to make a loud enough sound for attention as a form of defense.

– // –

This device is just the beginning for the team. They see it as a personal safety tool to maximize women’s safety and protection. Equally important, however, is equipping women with self-defense knowledge when exposed to danger.

To promote personal safety and the empowerment of women that goes with it, the team aims to work with relevant organizations to keep the public informed.

At the moment, they are still in the planning stages of these campaigns, but they announced that they will have something on their social media in March for International Women’s Day.

As for the device itself, they teased that new skins are about to hit the market, saying, “They’ll be colorful!”

  • You can learn more about Pocket Angel Here or follow her Instagram for updates Here. Use VULCANPOSTXPA for a 10% discount on the devices (maximum RM30, available until March 19, 2021).
  • If your organization wants to work with the Pocket Angel team on the issues of women’s empowerment, they can be reached Here.

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