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For Keem Ooi, also known as keempossible_2 to her 36,8,000 followers on IG, her cakes take at least an hour to make. The fruits of their art and time can be seen in their design by Bernie Sanders, which is based, among other things, on the viral meme.

Your gallery isn’t all mischief, however. The online profile shows off their diverse creations, from vintage floral designs to a replica of The Great Wave off Kanagawa and Pokemon milk bread.

You might think her baked goods are at a premium price, but she only sold them at the MCO last year. Instead, she honed her baking skills and taught them to a willing audience.

Check out the details of their baked goods / Photo credit: keempossible_2

Shape your experience in various forms

The form of art that Keem takes is known as patterned cakes, which have been popular in Japan for some time. A thickly colored cake batter is used to forge shapes with a lighter sponge cake as a background.

“The process took me a lot of practice and trial and error to be efficient with what I can do now. It’s more than just baking, it involves art, painting, and detailed color coordination work, ”Keem told the Vulcan Post.

“Since I was in no rush to sell my baked goods or serve them to others, my journey to learning and creating these edible works of art has been a bit fun and enjoyable.”

Mistakes are normal for Keem too. Reading books, articles online, and watching videos from experts in the field are some of their methods to overcome this.

The artist also affirmed that attention to detail and patience in solving problems are also important factors in her success. It is advice that she also gives her students in her baking classes.

A surprise in the roll cakes / Image Credit: keempossible_2

The mother of two was a piano and singing teacher during the day and simply used her skills to teach another subject. But that didn’t come without nervousness.

Speaking to Vulcan Post, Keem recalled, “I remembered the nerve-wracking debut of my baking class, but I was overjoyed that it was a success.”

Their courses cover the instructions for baking and decorating the patterned cakes from start to finish. Depending on the complexity, the lessons can be between RM380 and RM600.

The moment she launched it, her students, both professionals and home bakers, were sold out. But in the MCO 2020 Keem faced a dilemma.

Not only did she have to interrupt both her music and baking classes, the original IG account was hacked.

A devastating loss cannot burst their bubbling mind

“This experience certainly devastated me,” the 51-year-old confesses in an interview with NST earlier this year.

“It was not just an album of all of my work, but also an archive of really nice comments and words of encouragement that fans and friends from all over the world left for me.”

But since Keem isn’t the kind of person to let things get down to, she saw it instead as an opportunity to relax more and open a new account.

Her Ed Sheeran cake was in collaboration with Warner Music Malaysia for his new album Afterglow / Image Credit: keempossible_2

As mentioned earlier, the teacher had to freeze all classes when the pandemic hit our shores, which also meant a sharp drop in income.

Keem explained why she couldn’t virtually adapt the lessons: “In my case, it wasn’t possible to give piano and singing lessons online. It has to have a personal touch and demonstration as most of my music students are not below elementary level. ”

In order to feed herself, she placed orders for her patterned cakes, but only in batches of 6 pieces per day, to loyal followers. Their prices range from RM120 to RM350, depending on the type of cake and design.

She told Vulcan Post that the cakes, which were not previously sold, were being given out to family, friends, and even her music students. The admiration on their faces was their motivation to keep doing more.

Because of the complexity of each cake, there is a limit to the amount she can make per day. It is certainly not something that can be mass produced.

At the moment, the Happy-Go-Lucky baker said she had no specific plans to expand her business. However, should she choose to do so in the future, her current visibility and brand awareness would serve her well.

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Selected image source: Keem Ooi, baker and founder of keempossible_2




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