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Bella Murphy follows in her famous father’s footsteps. Bella plays alongside Papa Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America. Get to know the rising star.

Coming 2 America is a family affair for Eddie Murphy. The legendary actor, 59, returns to the iconic role of Prince (now King) Akeem in the highly anticipated Coming to America sequel, which hits Amazon Prime Video on March 5. One of the stars of the film is none other than his own daughter. Bella Murphy.

Bella is ready to take over Hollywood, just like her father. Coming 2 America is the 19-year-old’s first major acting role. HollywoodLife has 5 Important Things You Need to Know About Bella.

Bella Murphy in “Coming 2 America”. (Amazon Studios)

1. Bella is one of Eddie Murphy’s 10 children.

Bella is one of Eddie’s five children with an ex-wife Nicole Murphy. Bella has five half siblings from Eddie’s previous relationship with Tamara Hood and Mel B as well as her father’s current relationship too Paige butcher. Eddie’s tenth child, a son, was born in 2018.

2. She makes her feature film debut in “Coming 2 America”.

Coming 2 America is Bella’s very first film role. She plays Omma, one of Akeem’s daughters, in the film. Bella had a crush on acting from a young age. “I’ve wanted to do acting since I was in third grade. I’ve always asked, “Can I be in this one?” But we have a rule in our company that we are only allowed to work in this industry when we are 18, ”she said Ellen DeGeneres in an interview on March 2nd.

3. She had to audition for Coming 2 America.

Despite being Eddie’s daughter, Bella, like everyone else, struggled for her role in Coming 2 America. “She had to audition Craig Brewerwho made the movie, “Eddie told Good Morning America in February 2021.” I didn’t get my kid involved in the movie. She really had to be able – you know, to deliver. Otherwise she wouldn’t have got the role. “

4. Bella is a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bella remembered a time when her famous father had a party at his house and Leonardo Dicaprio appeared. Bella admitted to Ellen that she started “freaking out” when she saw him. Eddie added that all of his daughters love Leo. Bella said that she “lingered around him [Leo] all night like a madman, staring at him. “Bella raved that Leonardo was” such a nice person “.

5. She’s on Instagram!

While Eddie doesn’t have social media, Bella has an Instagram account. She recently took a picture of her very first magazine cover. She rocks the cover of Essence with her father. “THAT’S CRAZY!” she labeled her post. Bella has also shared tons of gorgeous selfies and behind-the-scenes photos.




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