How Yoga Motion Grew To six S’pore Studios And Over 100Okay Clients


With six branches across the island and a huge community, both yoga practitioners and newbies have likely heard of yoga movement.

When Yoga Movement launched its first outlet in 2012, the yoga industry was still in its infancy and there were only a handful of yoga studios in Singapore.

At the time, most yoga studios were affiliates of large gyms, and drop-in classes or packages weren’t the norm.

The director and co-founder of the yoga movement, Alicia Pan, thought it was a shame that she had personally experienced the positive effects of yoga on her physical and mental well-being.

At this point, she decided to start Yoga Movement with her then partner, current husband Peter Thew.

Humble beginnings

Yoga Movement’s first outlet on Carpenter Street / Image credit: Yoga Movement

Alicia, 36, told Vulcan Post that she wanted to create a “no-frills, no-frills yoga brand” to make yoga more accessible to the masses.

Rather than being a calculated business move, the couple just wanted to make yoga something everyone can enjoy.

Yoga Movement set up their first studio on Carpenter Street in 2012 with a new concept.

There were only three simple options on the menu – a single class, a 10 class package, and an unlimited package.

To be honest, we didn’t initially have an extravagant business plan for Yoga Movement.

We just wanted to fill the void in the yoga industry here in Singapore and our goal was to make yoga accessible to anyone interested in attending a class but impressed with the idea.

Alicia Pan. Yoga movement director and co-founder

At the outlet on Carpenter Street, the two founders built most of the interior by hand and even turned an old door into a reception desk.

Alicia also had to juggle three roles – a front desk clerk, a cleaning lady, and a yoga teacher – because they just didn’t have enough budget at the time.

All of their efforts have not been in vain. The former singer-songwriter said his hands-on experience gave the team “crystal clear information about the ins and outs of the business, which was crucial to keeping the entire brand in top shape”.

Building on the lifestyle concept

Image Credit: Yoga Movement

Most recently, Yoga Movement launched its highly anticipated Orchard flagship studio. With an area of ​​6,000 square meters, the studio is the largest to date.

In addition to yoga classes, the outlet also offers a new coffee concept called Drishti Dagger and a terrace overlooking the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road.

To date, Yoga Movement has a customer base of over 100,000 yoga enthusiasts who receive a whopping 25,000 visits per month.

It also has a team of over 120 people, six locations, and even an app that the team built “from the ground up”.

Yoga movement appThe Yoga Movement App / Photo credit: Yoga Movement

Since its inception, the app has received more than 28,000 downloads and consistently receives over a million views a month. It was also named an “App of the Year” finalist by the Fit Summit.

According to Alicia, the app is a good part of the lifestyle concept that the team at Yoga Movement is trying to develop, as it’s more focused on social experiences.

In addition, the introduction of the application contributed to a 30 percent increase in sales compared to the previous year.

Frontline customer experience

Yoga movementImage Credit: Yoga Movement

Since their inception, Alicia and Peter have grown Yoga Movement from a bootstrap startup funded from their own savings to one of Singapore’s most widespread fitness offerings.

When asked how Yoga Movement differs from other yoga studios, Alicia emphasized that the brand puts the customer experience first.

We make sure the experience is consistent throughout – from the look and feel of our website, app, and physical areas to checking in and being greeted at the front desk.

We also try not to do too much with our offerings in order to keep them simple and digestible.

Alicia Pan. Yoga movement director and co-founder

Alicia admitted that running a business is not a rose bed and shared that “there are individual challenges, big and small, every day.”

The year 2020 in particular must be the “biggest setback” for the brand so far, she added.

Due to the forced closings and severe social distancing restrictions, the studio was unable to open for at least two months, which had an impact on revenue.

Despite the challenges, the team stood by the brand’s value and broke new ground to continue delivering the excellent service for which it is known.

For example, like many gyms, Yoga Movement ran livestream classes. Also, popup courses of various topics are routinely run to keep customers motivated.

Long-term, Alicia said she wanted to bring yoga movement to new markets while also branching out into other lifestyle industries.

“It has been extremely hard work figuring out the best course of action over the past year and we have certainly seen many companies fall, but I would credit that result as our company’s never-to-die attitude,” she said.

Selected image source: The Busy Woman Project




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