Julie Fagerholt, Head of Design, H2OFagerholt


“I grew up about half an hour outside of Copenhagen. As a child, I actually wanted to be a midwife. [Laughs] But school didn’t come by itself for me, so this dream was too difficult. Around the same time, I became very interested in sewing my own clothes. Got my own sewing machine when I was 10 and just figured it out on my own. Eventually I started taking sewing classes and suddenly I loved spending time in school. Regular classes were really not for me.

I started my own brand [called Heartmade] 22 years ago. The idea was to make everything very high quality. In the beginning it was a challenge because it made everything so expensive. In the end I did it. When I sold the company, I worked with them for another six years and then … At a certain point we didn’t have the same dreams. I decided to go three years ago. I still think it’s part of who I am in many ways. A very old Danish sportswear company recently contacted me and asked me to start a new brand for them and give them a new identity. I think people will recognize me by this new brand, H2OFagerholt. The quality of the products, the colors I use, the way I use them, the details … I think this is where you can see my personality.

Eventually I started taking sewing classes and suddenly I loved spending time in school.

At the moment we all wear a lot of tracksuits here in Kopehnagen, so I think jewelry says a lot. A necklace or rings style things up a bit so that I don’t look too homely. If I stay inside, I can change my outfit during the day. What I want to wear depends so much on my mood. It is the same with my perfume. I can wear a perfume in the morning and then switch to something else in the evening. In the morning I love the glossier. It’s fresher. And then I like Anima Mundi from Sigil, a small brand, for the night. It’s kind of spicy and a little flowery too. I can’t say exactly what it is which is why I probably like it.

The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face with Milky Jelly Cleanser. I really love this cleaner. I put it on before showering, leave it in the shower for about five minutes, and then remove it with water. I think it helps with blood circulation and my skin looks very nice. I don’t know if that’s right either, but when I have small spots I put them on at night and then sleep with them. My seats are always gone the next day. It just kind of balances my skin – it’s very good for me.

Before we couldn’t get a glossier in Denmark, so every time my friends went to New York they would buy me a few things. I went to the store in New York for myself three years ago. It was my first time traveling to New York in 10 years – I was so busy with work and the thought of sitting on a plane for so long and being jet lagged … I couldn’t do it. But after I left my company I got so much energy back. That was the first thing I did: I got on a plane and went to New York. It was such a nice trip. The energy there and the way people talk to each other on the street … I’m not used to that. People say things like, “Oh hi, how are you today?” Or: “What a nice outfit!” In Denmark we don’t talk to each other on the street. We are more closed. New York’s energy is so good. After washing my face, I use the two products from Vintner’s Daughter. The essence is their new product, and it’s really more like a serum, and then I use the oil on top. I like them both because they are very natural.

The makeup look in Copenhagen is very natural. It’s more normal to look a little too natural. [Laughs] I like to have my hair blown out and my nails done sometimes and people here in Copenhagen say, “Oh my god! Impressive! Why did you do that?’ Everyone is cycling around town and you have to wear a helmet and it rains a lot so you have to be a little practical. But I also think it’s just a Danish mentality – we have to look like we haven’t done anything. Make-up is normal for me and I like to do a little more.

I use my fingers to apply Glossier Stretch Concealer in G6 under my eyes because I have a problem with dark circles. That’s very good. Then I like to take a Futuredew pump and press it on the highlights of my face for a highlight. I also have the quartz haloscope – I like that too. Sometimes I put it under the futuredew and sometimes I put it on top of everything when I’m done. Before the coronavirus, I had eyelash extensions and now I haven’t had them for a year. I really don’t miss her! I had never tried Lash Slick because I wasn’t wearing mascara – my eyelashes were always on. But now that I’ve tried, I don’t think I’ll be going back to the eyelashes. This makes my natural eyelashes look really good. And then I finally use the Glossier balm. I know it’s not a lip gloss, but it still has such a beautiful shine. The rose is my favorite, and sometimes I use my nails a bit too.

I think it’s just a Danish mentality – we have to look like we haven’t done anything.

I have a good friend named Esha Khamo who cuts and colors my hair. Now he comes to my house, but I usually go to his parlor. I live in a country of blonde girls, but I’ve never been tempted to go blonde – my hair really turns gray and I like it when it’s medium brown. Not too dark and not too light. He also does a treatment on my hair called a Brazilian that removes all of the frizziness. I actually wear my hair back most of the time because it’s just the easiest thing for me to do at work. Everyone is always in shock when I wear down my hair. Because of the pandemic, my hair is very long right now.

I wash my hair once a week and my shampoo and conditioner are from an American brand that I love called Ouai. It is wonderful. I love that they make products for the type of hair I have – curly and frizzy – because most hair products in Denmark are not for me. These contain many of the oils that I prefer. My hair is very dry most of the time and I like it when it is soft to the touch. The first product I’ve ever found that gives me a soft, silky look is this, David Mallett’s # DM027 Hair Serum. And then to push it back I always use this Balmain Curl Cream and a little bit of water. It’s very easy and quick.

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I have my nails done every other week. It’s a really big deal to me because I keep using my hands in meetings when explaining my designs, and I look at them a lot as I design. It is always a relief to me when I look at my nails and they are nice. A woman named Isabella does my nails and before I go to her place I always send her lots of ideas for what I want to do. It’s like a mood board – I find pictures of designs on Instagram and save some that I like. The night before my appointment, I go back and check it out. Maybe I’ll change the colors or the design in some way. Sometimes we try to file my nails into different shapes, but I always end up going back to the square. And we always use shellac – these are my natural nails.

Lots of cuticle oil and hand cream are important, especially because we are constantly using hand sanitizer. By the way, my favorite hand disinfectant is Dr. Bronner’s Lavender. CND, the same brand as Shellac, has a cuticle oil stick that I love to use. I also really like the Glossier hand cream. I never used hand cream. I honestly hated them all. But this one really surprised me. It’s not sticky and I can just put it on and go on with whatever I do. It makes my hands feel so silky. And I love the perfume that is in it – it’s a bit like the You scent. I bring that with me everywhere.

It is always a relief to me when I look at my nails and they are nice.

The body lotion I use is Laura Mercier’s Amber Vanillè Body Butter. And then I sometimes use the Ellis Marvelous Massage and the body oil too. I think the brand is American. When I take a bath in the evening, I put it on my neck and shoulders and treat myself to a massage with a gua sha. Together these two are very good and very relaxing. Another American thing I recently discovered is this corpus deodorant. Before that, I used a Vichy deodorant, a French brand, from the drug store. I was very nervous about switching to the Corpus because it’s natural and I thought it might not work. But I liked the idea of ​​using something natural and it actually worked. The Corpus fragrance I like is Third Rose.

I get all of these cool products from a store called I Love Beauty. The founder has been in the beauty industry for a long time – she used to be a magazine editor. She’s very good at finding new things that you wouldn’t see in a big department store. For example, I found Palo Santo in this shop and learned that I love burning it in my bathroom in the morning. After starting this routine, I bought this other product called Bodha Smokeless Incense to try. It makes smoke, but in a very fresh way, it’s not like regular incense at all. I burn this twice a day, morning and evening, and I feel like it clears the air in some way. Anyway, I go around the corner to this store every time I want something new and exciting. It’s the smallest shop you can imagine and it’s in the middle of a big garden. When this is all over, you have to come. “

– as ITG said

Julie Fagerholt was photographed by Polina Vinogradova in Copenhagen on January 30th, 2021.




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