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For your thickest, wettest, softest skin, it’s time to rethink what you wash your face with. Even if detergents don’t stay on your skin long, the right one can make a huge difference in the way your skin looks and feels. The best cleansers are much more than just cleansing: they help maintain healthy moisture levels, keep pores free, and deliver powerful active ingredients. You do this when your skin is most receptive – when it’s wet.

Think of detergents as the foundation of your skin care strategy: whatever your goals, choose the right face wash to support them. However, the rules have changed a bit. Oil cleansers can help even out oily and even breakout-prone skin as they dissolve excess oil rather than removing the skin like astringent formulas. You can exfoliate or moisturize your skin while cleansing. The latest textures mix gels with creams, oils with milk and much more.


Cream for frothing

This beautiful face washes lather up for a thorough deep cleansing that will keep any skin type – combined, dry, normal or oily – soft and hydrated. It gently exfoliates with pore-cleansing willow bark extract and the subtle citrus scent is amazing – whether first thing in the morning (we love to wake up and freshen up the skin) or at the end of the evening (it easily removes a day) worth of makeup, suntan lotion, and others Impurities).


Two phase oil

Shake this two-phase cleansing milk formula to gently and thoroughly remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Enriched with silver ear fungus, nourishing apple seed oil and antioxidant-rich babassu oil, the skin feels plump, moist and lively. It’s a gentle formula that’s wonderfully suitable for all skin types, and we love the large glass bottle.

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This foaming gel cleanser made from detoxifying malachite and fruit acids is ideal for oily skin types that are prone to breakouts and lather up into a rich, dense foam. The super-effective formula removes dirt, oil, makeup, grime and other impurities to detoxify and cleanse the skin for soft, healthy looking skin. We’re more than a little excited to have it back in store.



This ultra-luxurious balm is full of soothing aromatic organic oils and invigorating flower essences. It melts on contact, removes impurities and leaves the skin soft, fully nourished and regenerated. It turns a fundamental step into a truly pampering treatment and makes a noticeable difference on the skin when used twice a day.


Micellar water essence

This micelle-water-meets-essence removes dirt and light make-up and leaves behind powerful botanicals that work on the skin. It clarifies the skin as it cleanses and tones it, making it the ultimate multitasking product. It looks beautiful in the towering column of bottles. Made from organic ingredients hand-picked from an incredible 800 acre property in Sicily, you’ll use it multiple times a day – it’s such a pleasure – and your skin will be better off for it.



This long-standing goop shop favorite knocks us out every time. Even the dullest, most tired looking skin comes to life instantly after being cleansed with this super moisturizing, incredibly powerful cleanser. It removes all traces of makeup and leaves your skin smooth and incredibly soft. It is filled with nourishing oils (jojoba, apricot and sunflower) and the beautiful glass bottle looks amazing on any sink or vanity. Use it for the most moisturizing treatment on dry skin. Use it on wet skin for the ultimate in cleansing.




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