15 Tricks to Keep away from Weight Acquire After Marriage


First things first, congratulations to all of the newly married girls out here who started out happily married lives. So you managed to lose weight successfully and looked like a million dollars in your dream wedding attire. Now that you have a fairytale life with your husband, something can upset you – the pounds that you previously lost are slowly creeping back on the scales! No, don’t fret just yet because in this post we are going to list some amazing and effective ways to avoid gaining weight after getting married.

1. Healthy Diet: A healthy diet not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you maintain the correct weight. If you want to keep the pounds from piling up, start with a healthy diet like the Rati Beauty app to lose weight and avoid weight gain.

2. Avoid Fatty and Processed Foods: There can be a lot of parties since you are newly married which means a lot of fatty and processed foods! When you are at home, cook yourself and your partner a healthy, nutritious, low-calorie meal that you can both enjoy together. Find such meals in the Rati Beauty App.

3. Keep Exercising: You have worked hard on your body to fit into your dream bridal attire and just because you got married doesn’t give you an excuse not to exercise. No matter how busy you are, set aside at least half an hour each day to exercise. You can also go for a walk with your partner after dinner and it could be a great time for both of you. It would also be a good idea to sign up for fitness classes together.

4. Read nutrition labels: If you are new to reading food labels, make a habit of spending some time reviewing the nutritional labels of foods as these will make it clear and include total calories, saturated fat, added sodium or sugar represent in detail. Also, you can eliminate the possibility of trans fat build-up in your diet by reading the label correctly. Trans fat is an ingredient that only leads to rapid weight gain. It mobilizes fat from other areas of the body into the abdominal area!

5. Keep the refrigerator filled with healthy foods: As always, keep your refrigerator filled with healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables. It will really help keep you away from all that junk food as you will always be reaching for healthier versions of foods. This practice is especially helpful when you both work and are always pressed for time.

6. Plan activities that you can do together as a couple: If you are not an athlete, it is a good idea to take dance classes or even go trekking together. Activities like these are a great way to get extra inches off your stomach.

7. Motivate Each Other: Be each other’s cheerleaders without being critical and encourage each other to work harder. One of you might be a fitness fan while the other might be a couch potato! Try to strike a balance and develop a system that works for both of you.

8. Early Dinner: One trick to avoid weight gain is to have an early dinner because our metabolism breaks down towards evening and a late dinner can encourage the body to store extra calories as fat rather than the chance to get them to burn off. You can also avoid unhealthy food cravings and frequent trips to the refrigerator by having dinner early.

9. Avoid refined carbohydrates: foods made from refined carbohydrates like candy, white bread, pizza, donuts, cookies, burgers, chocolates, etc. increase insulin levels and contain many calories that add up quickly and are stored as fat cells. Make sure you are eating complex carbohydrates rather than refined carbohydrates to avoid weight gain.

10. Swap unhealthy foods for healthy versions: If you crave chocolates, consider using dark chocolates instead of the regular chocolates and milks. If you crave soft drinks, choose sparkling water instead. Make sure you choose healthier versions of unhealthy foods. Check out this list of “50 Healthy Food Swaps Everyone Should Try”.

11. Avoid Eating Out Too Often: We know eating out is somewhat inevitable as the two of you have as many invitations as you are newlyweds, but eating out too often can be very bad for your waistline. Make sure that once you are settled into everyday life, cut down on eating as much as possible.

12. Meal preparation together: Meal preparation encourages the habit of healthy eating and saves a lot of time on hectic weekdays when there is little time left to cook homemade food. Preparing batches of healthy food and keeping it in the refrigerator that last most days of the week saves a lot of money and time, and helps you save on extra calories from ordered food from restaurants and restaurants. As a couple, list your favorite dishes and prepare healthy meals together.

13. Watch out for added sugar: Added sugar is found in cupcakes, candy, chocolates, pastries, and cakes. In processed foods, however, sugar is most often mentioned by different names. It is extremely important to check the ingredients list of the packaged foods to find out how much extra sugar is being added. Here are some tricks to cut the added sugar and lose weight.

14. Reserve cheat meals for date nights: We all know that the right type of weight loss diet encourages the once-a-week cheat meal, as do the diets in the Rati Beauty app. But as newlyweds, avoid eating guilty foods every other day – reserve fraudulent meals only for your date nights.

15. Get 7 Hours of Sleep a Night: Even if you watch what you eat and exercise each day, your body will still gain weight because with sleep deprivation, slow metabolism, an increase in the hunger hormone “ghrelin” and a shooting accompanied by the stress hormone “cortisol”, all of which tend to increase weight, especially belly fat. Sleep deprivation is directly linked to weight gain and therefore 7 hours of sleep per night can work wonders for weight loss with Leats.

We hope all of these tips will help you avoid gaining weight after marriage and we wish you all a happy married life again.

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