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In addition to being a TikTok star, Addison Rae is also a singer. The social media star released her debut song and music video, “Obsessed,” and revealed why she’s making music.

Addison Rae dancing again – but not for a TikTok this time. The 20-year-old TikTok star dropped the ultimate surprise when the clock struck midnight on March 19th: her first song and music video titled “Obsessed”. This is also the word fans use to describe Addison’s musical debut!

Addison Rae wears a LaQuan Smith catsuit at the start of her music video “Obsesed”. [Courtesy of YouTube]The music video is an all-out production that opens the social media star and beauty entrepreneur in a black sheer catsuit from LaQuan Smith before changing into enough outfits for a fashion show: a crocodile-print bikini top trimmed with rhinestones and a mini-skirt; a 90s-style corset off Dion Lee paired with Dickies Trousers; and another catsuit with a Renaissance art print (another piece by LaQuan Smith). Addison didn’t just show off her style (Courtesy of the stylist) Kyle Luu), but also their movements, which were guided by choreographers Sara Biv and Calvit Hodge. You have worked with people like Nicki Minaj, Major Lazer and Camila cabello!

Addison RaeAddison Rae rocks a Dion Lee corset with Dickies pants in a dance number in the music video “Obsessed”. [Courtesy of YouTube]The track is a powerful anthem about how obsessed Addison is with himself … as well as her admirers! “I’m just as obsessed with myself – ee as you / Say you would die for me, I would die for me too – e / And if I lost you I would still have myself, I can’t lose / If you say that you’re obsessed with me, obsessed with me, ”says Addison, who is with another TikTok star Bryce Hall – sings in the choir.

“You might think of being obsessed with yourself in vain, but I’m not trying to communicate that,” Addison told Vogue as he spoke about trust in her lyrics. “It’s more that I can love myself as much as you love me, and that’s important. There are days when I fight and it is definitely work in progress, accepting who I am and giving me the love I deserve. But that message was so strong and I wanted to communicate it [in the lyrics]. ”

Obsessed now.

– Addison Rae (@whoisaddison) March 19, 2021

While many fans were surprised that Addison made the jump from TikTok to music, she didn’t pick it up on a whim. “Right from the start, I wanted to make sure I was writing my own music,” Addison also told Vogue. “I remember writing down lyrics as a kid and trying to figure out how to make a song out of them. [now] I learn every detail and from great songwriters. “

Addison joined TikTok in July 2019 and went from being a Louisiana State University student to a full-fledged celebrity in less than two years. Addison is also known to be close friends with Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashianand both will make their film debut in the upcoming remake of She’s All That (which is instead called He All All That).




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