Keith Mitchell Is Bringing Previous-College Golf Type Again


Turns out, you may not need all of those spandex-kissed poly cotton. When Mitchell stopped by Sid in Atlanta for a faucet, he made sure they were put through their paces by a golfer. “I sat up and down, read putts, took swings, and did all these crazy athletic things in those pants,” he says. “I was like, ‘If I can’t do this, I definitely won’t be able to do this out there.’” The fabric made the cut, and Mitchell ended up with a tiny wardrobe of pants. Polos, sweaters and an alligator belt. (Regardless of the mini-empire of stores, Mashburn isn’t Nike. This is a different kind of sponsorship: Mitchell bought his own gear, albeit at a discount.)

There was a brief chat about where to put the logo of Mitchell’s sponsors – the Sid team wouldn’t have preferred any for the look, while Mitchell, who gets some of his income from them, stated they would stay – and another about hems. “Her style may be a little shorter than mine, but I said,” As long as the pants are touching my shoes, I’m fine, “says Mitchell. Shoes were just,” He has a deal on FootJoy shoes, “Mashburn says.” which is cool for us because it is also a bit of a thrown back golf brand. “

The golf season began in January with a swing through the sunny climes of Hawaii and Southern California. Mitchell’s new pants – which can be yours if you want – are designed to withstand all weather conditions. They’re made from the brand’s plain weave, explains Mashburn. “The yarns are bold and breathe naturally. It’s kind of a natural performance material in a strange way – because it’s like it just came from the Dadgum sheep, you know? I mean, it’s really made for without having any performance characteristics. “

And while they work just as well as a pair of moisture-wicking technical wonders made from stretch material, Mitchell’s Mashburn pants look great on the track. “The first thing everyone says is ‘old school’. Then they look and they see the pants with no belt loop and then they see the wrinkles and then they see the cuffs and then their heads start turning because I have all three. Because now everyone has five bags, no folds, belt loops, no cuffs. That’s just across the board. And I went completely the other way. “The irony Mitchell creates in wearing clothes that distract attention is not lost on his designer buddy. “[He] doesn’t look like anyone on the tour right now, ”says Mashburn. “In a strange way, it’s almost like normcore for golf.”

Mitchell is hoping for some linen looks as spring gives way to the heat of summer while the Mashburn team strives to – slowly, as they promise – transform it into colors and prints. He’s got off to a slow start in 2021, but he’s hoping he’ll play a bit more like the guy who inspired his makeover. “I’d like to play more like Arnold Palmer,” says Mitchell with a laugh. “I haven’t necessarily done that yet, but that would be pretty cool.”




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