Ebro Seemingly Claps Again Following Saweetie’s Claims She Suffered From PTSD After Sizzling 97 Interview—“Don’t Confuse Success In The Music Enterprise With Being Good At Making Music”


Roommate, during her just-published Cosmopolitan magazine cover story, Saweetie shared her life and career, allegedly suffering from PTSD after a disastrous interview with NYC legendary hip-hop hot 97 The station’s most prominent character, Ebro Darden, hopped on social media and seemingly clapped back on Saweetie’s claims that the experience on his show drew her emotionally.

As we previously reported, Saweetie got realistic about a failed freestyle attempt in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine when she visited popular hip hop radio station Hot 97 in 2018. She explained how the experience affected her greatly and led her to a dark place.

“It was a really dark point in my life. I was so loved by ‘Icy Grl’ so quickly that you saw the interview on my first promo run. The script turned very quickly, like day and night. I thought, wait … “I got PTSD from it. I’m really grateful for my start because the bugs, the struggle, the grind – it allows me to appreciate the rewards that are coming now because I know what it feels like to sleep in motels, drive and advertise too make to be stressed out, “Saweetie said.

Shortly after the interview ended, Ebro Darden tossed a few subliminales as he apparently replied to Saweetie’s comments with a couple of tweets, writing:

“Don’t confuse success in the music business with being good at making music.”

When a fan asked him if he was going to change the format of Hot 97, Ebro tweeted, “No, we just play fast food music … we know what most people want to stop it.”

After Ebro was dragged onto social media for being classified as a misogynist, he posted a few more tweets to sort things out. “Whoa. Whoa. She’s never a cutie … stop that. Nice person and some good records too. I hate when that happens. I just tweet, listen to music and argue, then boom! My tweet is aimed at some other cops ** t I don’t even know it happened. Damn it.”

However, many did not buy his statement and further accused him of tailing Saweetie and then trying to resign.

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