New Invite-Solely App Provides Entry To Unique Reductions


Singapore is known for its high cost of living, so specials and discounts are always warmly welcomed by Singaporeans. This is also the reason why membership agreements and cashback opportunities are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Step into Fuzzie – Singapore’s newest exclusive club, available by invitation only. It is touted as a combination of Singapore’s popular paid memberships as it offers a wide and holistic range of benefits.

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Members of the platform can enjoy benefits such as discounts or 1-to-1 deals on a whole range of products and services ranging from groceries to medical services to food and wellness.

Although the app is still in the pre-launch phase, it has already amassed over 600 retailers with over 1,500 branches across the island. Some notable F&B retailers include the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Braci, the French bakery PAUL, and Mad for Garlic.

Other dealers include Farrer Park Hospital, which gives members special rates for checkups. Spa and massage specialist Natureland; and the ClassPass fitness subscription platform.

To see the permissions available, users can sign in to an account with a reference code. To gain access to the benefits, they must activate their accounts by paying an annual activation fee of S $ 99.90 and a monthly maintenance fee of S $ 0.10 (excluding GST and credit card fees).

The catch, however, is that not everyone can be a fuzzie member. It is primarily intended for company employees and invited guests. Access is only granted if a referral or invitation code is available.

Not everyone can get in

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The Fuzzie Club is exclusive and entry is only possible by invitation. This is to ensure the team can better serve their customers, explained Fuzzie founder Farhan Noor.

“We have to strike a balance between the number of users and the number of dealers. Fewer users mean better deals for our invited members, ”said Farhan.

The startup was first launched in 2014 as an instant cashback platform, but Farhan soon realized that there was a bigger problem Fuzzie was able to solve when he received calls from many corporate clients to provide gift support.

“I realized that HR wanted to do more, but were faced with tight budgets and limited manpower,” Farhan said.

For this reason, Fuzzie offers corporate customers a solution that is similar to a “Welfare Booster Pack”. By providing fuzzie membership for employees, employers can dramatically increase the welfare of their employees without significantly increasing the staffing budget.

You can save S $ 2,000 to S $ 6,000 Each year

According to Fuzzie, with regular use of the app, users can easily save S $ 2,000-6,000 each year.

With Fuzzie, it’s also easy to imagine the savings. Each redeemed privilege has an estimated savings amount that is displayed on the home page.

With just a tap of a finger, users can also see a breakdown of all redemptions, which makes it easy to see lifestyle habits over time.

Fuzzie appImage credit: Fuzzie

Even when dining with friends, Fuzzie’s unique feature lets you choose the number of guests, which translates into precisely calculated savings.

As Fuzzie is still in pre-launch mode, invited “Insiders” will be among the first to enjoy the privileges of Fuzzie’s dealers at a selected price.

You can simply download the Fuzzie app here and register with the invitation code: VPREFER To access it, enter the app and explore it risk-free. Use the promo code to subscribe: VP29 and reference code VPREFER to get a discounted price of S $ 29.90 with no monthly fees (usual price S $ 144).

Click here for a step-by-step visual guide.

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