Clear Swap: Play with Make-up (and Put on Much less)


Associate Beauty Editor Brianna Peters had always thought about makeup to cover it up. “I was unsure about my skin,” she says. “As a toddler, I have scars on my face from a dog bite that has become more uneven and pigmented from exposure to the sun. And I had breakouts, ”she says. When Peters switched from conventional beauty to clean, she was shocked not only at how much better she liked the clean options, but also at how much her skin improved: “I feel good when I wear less makeup now but at the same time I have more. It’s more fun than ever. “Peters’ new favorite makeup – including a skincare miracle for an all-over glow, a flattering pop of color to use on her lips and cheeks, and a golden peach pink highlighter with a subtle sheen – keeps her looking moist and fresh:” My Haut has never looked better. ”

Makeup looks best when you start with glowing, moist skin. Before I do makeup, I apply it to my face – it’s a real secret weapon. Not only is it the perfect base for a concealer, foundation, or tinted sunscreen, but my skin looks so much better after smoothing that I generally need less makeup.

I’m predisposed to dark under-eye circles, so concealer is important to me. This super creamy cover is so seamless that no one can tell I’m wearing it. The consistency is on the thicker side so you only need the smallest point. Use the magic wand to put it directly and only on the dark, not the skin around it, and dab with your finger to hide it. It consists of skin-nourishing ingredients such as caffeine and hyaluronic acid, so that I look refreshed and wide awake.

This tinted serum foundation melts like a dream, evens out my skin tone and moisturizes with hyaluronic acid and vegetable squalane. It has the nicest moist finish – my skin looks and feels amazing. I also love that it has SPF 40: I don’t need extra sun protection unless it gets super sunny.

This mascara gives me the flutterest, shiny lashes ever. The wand has two lengths of bristles: the shorter side curls and the longer side lift, lengthen and separate. The formula wipes up like silk – it’s made with shea butter and keratin to condition it. My tip: I twist the mascara wand as I apply from the roots up to completely coat, lengthen, and strengthen my lashes.

My brows are naturally light and sparse. The only step I never skip is to define it and fill it in with pencil. This one is my new favorite: the triangle-tipped pencil on one side does a great job of mimicking the look of real hair, making it easy to fill in sparse areas, and the spooley on the other end smooths and fluff to make my brows look fuller. The soft brown shade matches my brows exactly and never smudges.

This golden peach pink highlighter gives my skin the best shimmer – a single blow heats and brightens my face and pops my cheekbones. And it feels so moisturizing and silky.

These cream powder shades from Westman Atelier are velvety soft and buildable. I rarely wear full eyeshadow these days, but one trick I swear by I learned from makeup artist Ash K Holm: take your brush with the lightest of eyeshadow (Tilt in this super flattering group of three colors) and smooth the inner one Corner of your eye exactly where your tear duct is. Blend it both along your lower lash line (about halfway) and along the inner corner of your eyelid. It completely awakens your eyes and gives you a beautiful highlight.

At the insistence of practically everyone at goop, I tried rosewater from Kosas and, as promised, it is the most flattering shade. It gives me a great color that she wears on my lips, and I dab it on my cheeks for a nice, just-worked-out flush.

I’m already on my third tube of this amazing balm. It is silky-smooth and ultra-misturizing and leaves the most beautiful shine that forms the perfect finish.




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