Joe Biden “Slayed The Orange Dragon,” Invoice Maher Marvels, And “Stepped Up His Sport At 78,” Revealing America’s Ageism – .


Given his indulgence for guests like Kellyanne Conway and Megyn Kelly this season, the start of Bill Maher’s show ending “New Rule” in today’s real time may have worried some viewers.

“Three months into his presidency, it is time to admit that Joe Biden was a huge disappointment,” Maher intoned directly. After a while he finished the sentence – “to comedians!”

The “comedy gold” expected from a seedy, gawking Biden who “shows up to work in his pajama bottoms” has not materialized, the host claimed. Instead, “a funny thing happened on the way to the retirement home.” Instead, Biden was “focused and astute,” received a 59% approval rating, and “got things done” on racial injustice, income inequality, climate change and the war in Afghanistan.

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Maher’s plug for Biden was his way to a much broader point: the notion that the president “stepped up” his game at the age of 78 and defied skeptics shows how widespread the problem of ageism is in the US

“Get better at 78,” said Maher. “What a mind-boggling concept that must be for the younger generation, for whom the last acceptable prejudice is to write off someone simply because of their age.” Maher, who turned 65 in January, delivered the line without a hint of a smile, as did most of the entire seven-minute section (see above). Age was also included in the opening guest segment with Fran Lebowitz, who Maher predicted that now that she is over 70 years old, “will be the biggest star on campus”.

“They hate all ism except ageism,” he continued. “It is totally forbidden to tell jokes about race, religion, gender, weight, but age? Do you have it. “

According to Maher, the assumption that Biden would be incompetent at his age is based on America’s longstanding belief that it is a “young country”. Instead, the US should emulate Greece or Japan or other places where the wisdom of the elders is sought and celebrated. “You are not so young anymore, America. It’s time you grew up. “

Biden is “the right man for this moment because he’s old,” said Maher. “Was there, did that: it’s a virtue.”

Polls ahead of the 2020 election showed that 37% of Americans were unwilling to vote for a candidate over 70. “Is there anything more ignorant of piss than not using old people as a resource and not exploiting them? their accumulated knowledge? “Asked Maher.

Younger voters would not only look at candidates through an age prism, but also hold extreme views, Maher said. He cited polls showing that more than 30% of them are in favor of abolishing the police or moving from capitalism to communism.

When people tell him he’s not getting Millennials or Gen Z guys because he’s too old, Maher says his answer is, “The problem isn’t that I don’t understand what you’re saying or I’m too old . The problem is that your ideas are stupid. If you say, “Let’s eat in the bathroom and shit in the kitchen,” then that’s a new idea. But I wouldn’t call it interior design. “




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