Tom Cruise Loves The Individuals Of London So A lot, He Needs To Transfer There, Says Report


He’s everyone’s favorite Scientologist and now Tom Cruise shows his love to the people of London. Tom enjoyed the sites while filming Mission Impossible 7 and his buddy and co-star Simon Pegg took him around town. In a new report in the upcoming issue of Life & Style magazine on May 3, 2021, it is now said that Tom loves the people in London so much that he wants to move there. It’s not just Life & Style that tells the story. The tabloids are picking up on it as this report appears to have some weight when it comes to the truth.

It’s also not uncommon for celebrities to have multiple properties in different countries or even spend millions of dollars on their own islands, like Richard Branson, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shakira, and many more. The idea of ​​Tom buying a property in London is hardly far-fetched, and it’s also tied to news that he’s selling his Colorado ranch for $ 39.5 million. Is he planning to use the proceeds to get a nice seat in London?

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A source spoke to Life & Style about Tom’s love for London and said the following.

Tom loves the rainy weather, the people who take long walks in the city. If he’s wearing a hat and mask, he can slip into bookstores or antique stores and no one will know it’s him. There is a sense of normality there that has long been absent from his life.

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The source also looked at Tom’s longstanding friendship with Simon Pegg .

Simon gave Tom an insider list of must-see places in and around London, and Tom just loves that sort of thing. A family lives there too, which gives him a sense of belonging.

Many celebrities would give anything to regain a sense of anonymity or normalcy in their lives. If Tom really found this in London, he’ll probably want to keep it.

Tom Cruise found a location in London when he was shooting the new film Mission: Impossible 7. The actor “loves” the city and has a “sense of belonging” – see details!

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What do you think of Tom Cruise the Londoner?

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