Is Angelina Jolie Courting Diplo?


Is Angelina Jolie dating Diplo? That’s the question a lot of people ask themselves after the DJ shared a photo on their Instagram video that looked like this Angelina Jolie at his grill! Despite being one of the most famous actresses in the world, Angelina has created a person who is quite the homebody who rarely ventures outside without one or more of her six children in tow. Even when Angelina was married Brad Pitt It was rare to catch the two of them on an outing that wasn’t a lavish public affair, such as an awards ceremony. When they were photographed together, it was often with their children in parks or leaving airports, etc. Now that Angelina is starting to get involved in individual life, people are curious to see if and when she will start dating again . That’s why the clip from Diplo’s video spread like wildfire on social media platforms.

The upcoming edition of In Touch Weekly on May 3, 2021 now looks at the video and rumors that Angelina is dating Diplo. First, not everyone believes it’s Angelina Jolie in Diplo’s video. Diplo shared the barbecue video on his Instagram and people freaked out when they saw the woman who bore a remarkable resemblance to Angelina. Angelina isn’t on any public social media accounts, so Diplo couldn’t have tagged her in the video.

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Many people believe that the woman in the video is Angelina, but no one has confirmed this. Below you may see a photo of the video clip with the woman who is alleged to be Angelina Jolie.

Some think Diplo is similar to a younger Brad Pitt and wonder if Angelina isn’t ready to open up to try again with love. Of course, this is all speculation and Angelina has not been affiliated with anyone since breaking up with Brad.

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What do you think of the photo Do you think Angelina Jolie is grilling Diplo? Do you think they are a couple?

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