Did Beyonce Have Plastic Surgical procedure Throughout Lockdown?


Did Beyoncé have plastic surgery during the lockdown? That is the question many people are asking themselves based on an article in the upcoming May 3, 2021 issue of the National Enquirer. Beyoncé recently appeared at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards, where she made history and won 28 of her no less than 79 nominations! As she took the stage to receive her award, some noted that her character was looking a little “bootiful” than usual. This has sparked all sorts of rumors and speculation and now some are asking if Beyoncé had a boob and butt job during the lockdown!

Of course, the National Enquirer picked up the story, citing a source saying that Beyoncé underwent a body sculpt and had a tit job and a Brazilian butt lift during the coronavirus lockdown. The source said the following.

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Bey clearly means a lot to nips and tucks, and it’s shocking to see how much she’s got her chest and bum raised. She loves to wear short shorts and she fills them out even better these days. Plus, her waist looks smaller than ever!

Beyoncé has always had an hourglass figure, and after having three children (including three-year-old twins Rumi and Sir), their figure is expected to change and become fuller. Even so, many people do not attribute their fuller figure to the birth, but believe that they went under the knife. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn gave his opinion on Beyoncé’s character to the National Enquirer and suggested that the singer had a Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Youn said the following about the release.

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She looks like she’s had a breast augmentation because they’re bigger and more shapely than they used to be. I also suspect that she had a Brazilian butt lift.

You may see several recent photos of Beyonce as she appeared at the Grammy Awards below.

What do you think? Do you think Beyonce went under the knife during the lockdown? Do you think Beyonce had plastic surgery?

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