Nonsurgical Nostril Jobs: Here is The whole lot You Ought to Know


The popularity and ever-evolving nature of injectables and fillers has grown exponentially in recent years, and the “liquid rhinoplasty” – the non-surgical nose job – is one of the most sought after procedures on the menu. (Spoilers: It’s also one of the most potentially dangerous and complication-prone procedures.) However, the appeal of a procedure with comparatively less downtime, less engagement (results are temporary), and potentially lower costs is not lost to us if you’ve been considering a surgical rhinoplasty or Are curious about other alternatives, the nonsurgical nose job is a relevant option. (If you’re curious about what the before and after can look like, we’ve listed work from Dr. Alexander Rivkin, inventor of the non-surgical nose jobs, below!)

In all fairness we will be the final source promoting cosmetic or surgical procedures in the name of beauty. You do it. The decision to forego this type of treatment should be just as acceptable as the decision to go under the needle or the knife, and vice versa. However, we consider it our business and responsibility to educate and educate, and since the nonsurgical nose job has drawn special attention lately and has a notable risk potential, a quick deep dive felt more than warranted. (Fun fact: “Non-surgical nose jobs” is one of the most searched for terms in the Beauty Encyclopedia, which is currently Google.)

To clear all of our facts and get answers to all of our burning questions about “liquid rhinoplasty” we reached out to Dean Vistnes, MD, FACS, the SkinSpirit Medical Director and a Bay Area plastic surgeon. Below, he gives us the full 411 on all things “non-surgical nose job” to quench curiosity and help anyone contemplating treatment make a more informed decision. SkinSpirit has countless locations in California, Washington, Texas, and Utah (the newest clinic just opened its doors in Beverly Hills). Call and make an appointment when you are on the west coast and have questions or have a consultation. Keep scrolling!




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