LeBron James Wore an Unbelievable Jacket That Solely Value $105


Here’s some unsurprising news: LeBron James, a familiar tall dresser, was very well dressed on the sidelines of last night’s Lakers Magic game. What was surprising: The central cog in its fit – a breathtaking tie-dye work jacket – was not an expensive grail from one of LeBron’s most popular high-end labels such as Rhude or Thom Browne. Instead, the King stepped straight off Macy’s Rack in a jacket on Monday night.

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That’s right, Macy’s. The historic department store and parade sponsor. A place that you may not have known for a long time. Here’s a little secret that LeBron – as usual – found out from most of the others: Macy’s now has some pretty good stuff!

Allen Onyia for INC regular fitting twill jacket with abstract print (150 USD, now 30% discount with the code “FRIEND”)

The excellent tie-dye jacket in question comes from a collaboration between the venerable chain’s own INC line and designer Allen Onyia and is part of a larger project called “Icons of Style”, in which five over-stylish black creatives are involved. Many of the pieces from this series, especially the vintage-inspired joints from Brooklyn Circus founder Ouigi Theodore, point Macy’s in a new direction: thoughtful, easy to carry, yet totally affordable. And outside of their collective endeavors, Macy’s (under the fashion direction of GQ alum Matt Sebra!) Is showing signs of life: INC recently dropped a pair of legitimately ill snakeskin slippers just in time to dominate the dance floor’s post-Vax wedding this summer .

This is by no means a blanket endorsement of all Macy’s has to offer, but LeBron’s jacket is proof that you can have many unexpectedly valuable additions to your wardrobe at legitimately low prices. And if you want to follow in LeBron’s footsteps, hurry: his jacket is currently available for a whopping 30 percent and costs just $ 105.

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Ouigi Theodore for Sun + Stone jacquard jacket (was $ 90, now 30% off with code “FRIEND”)

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INC “Killian” snakeskin embossed slipper ($ 100, now 30% off with the code “FRIEND”)

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