Harry and William Could Be On the Mend, However Dad Is Nonetheless Mad


On their tenth wedding anniversary, Prince William and Kate Middleton seem stronger than ever – but the occasion also brought news that William’s relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be thawing (or at least not irreparably frozen). A Sussexes spokesman told The Daily Beast that the couple had personally reached out to Will and Kate to congratulate them on the milestone.

At the somber funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip earlier this month, it seemed chilly at first, but the brothers and sisters were eventually spotted chatting warmly. One report claims it was Kate who helped ease the tension. But even the Beast’s account has the caveat that a simple private anniversary confirmation may not mean much. “Others may well say that such an interpretation reaches out to straw,” concludes the point with the idea that this could be some kind of fraternal breakthrough. Cordial is far from being cured. It is a start, however, we suppose.

Anyway, the situation between brothers seems to be better than Harry’s relationship with his father, Prince Charles. A report from Us Weekly claims that Charles is still “angry” at Harry and Meghan’s extensive interview with Oprah and barely communicated with his youngest son when the family temporarily reunited for the funeral. “There is definitely still a huge wedge between the two,” claims Us’s Source.

In the Oprah interview, Harry claimed that he had hardly spoken to his father since leaving England and that the future king had not made a habit of taking his son’s calls.

This report comes amid renewed attention to long-standing rumors that once Charles is king, he intends to greatly downsize those who make up the official royal family. But those rumors have been going around for years, even before Harry met Meghan.

“Prince Charles has long wanted to reduce the monarchy in order to save costs and make people worth the money they get from taxpayers,” said royal biographer Angela Levin to British broadcaster talkRadio. “I can imagine that Harry and Meghan are no longer members of the royal family.”

Regardless of the royal function, however, all members involved will always be an actual family. If anything, the news of a sentimental milestone being recognized could indicate that everyone involved is hoping to remedy the situation one day. Though the cynic may just assume the news was released so the media would stop turning drama into an imaginary anniversary nudge.

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