Mulatto Followers Appear To Suppose They Noticed 21 Savage’s Shadow In Her Most Latest Bikini Photographs


The Shade Room has a reputation for being a team of detectives, but mulatto fans definitely take the cake after this one!

Mulatto posted a few photos of her looking absolutely snatched in a leopard print bikini, but it wasn’t her gaudy body, natural hair, or glowing skin that caught the attention of her fans.

In one of the photos, fans noticed a shadow of the person who took the lighted images, and some of them were convinced it was 21 Savage, especially since the photos were titled “He Loves It Here.”

Big Latto fans inundated their comments with the theory, claiming they could tell it was 21 Savage based on the silhouette of his hair.

“I see 21 wild shadows,” commented one fan, and other Mulatto fans agreed!

“Yes, I wanted to say the same thing.”

“I see it too.”

“You can see his head lol.”

“Lol, the hairrrrrr lol.”

We’re not entirely sure how people came to this conclusion based on that little shadow in the corner, but Mulatto stepped into the shadow room to reveal that it was indeed her best friend Lexy who took her pictures.

Rumors of a romance between Big Latto and 21 Savage emerged after she announced she’d bought a new Bentley a few months ago. Since then, fans have speculated the two might date, but those rumors have not yet been confirmed.

We also did a bit of digging while Mulatto was on her birthday vacation in Puerto Rico in December and we noticed that 21 were on PR at the same time. However, the two did not post any photos together, so it was unclear whether or not they actually flew out as a couple.

Still, we want to know what you think of the Latto fans’ detective work! Did you let us hit ?!

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