25-Yr Outdated Health TikToker Despatched To The ER After Downing eight Scoops Of Preworkout


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Nowadays it is not uncommon for people to do “funny” or dangerous things to get a piece of internet fame and likes on social networks. Recently a TikToker did something like this just for a little fame on the network. Namely, he loaded himself with 8 scoops of pre-workout in the hope of gaining more followers. What happened next is a lesson for anyone using more than one bullet.

The story was shared by Bernard Hsu, a youtuber who works in the medical field and shares extraordinary stories that happened to him and his colleagues in the industry.

One of those stories was the experience with a 25-year-old man named JA, who, while interesting and famous, would be loaded with a dangerously high dose of pre-workout.

JA has already posted some videos where he would scoop pre-workout supplements dry. Dry scooping is a well-known practice in fitness circles in which an athlete takes a full scoop of pre-workout without fluids in order to supposedly get “faster” effects from the supplement.

You’ve probably heard athletes joke around saying that two balls are better than one, right? Well, JA posted a video cutting down two scoops pre-workout to see what happens.

After realizing that he had gained a number of new fans after posting this video, JA decided that he would consume 4 scoops pre-workout in his next video.

“This was clearly nonsense intended to make an unnecessary class of dietary supplements sensational, but YES was determined.” Bernard Hsu explained.

After him Scoop 4 measuring spoons dry before workout and started gagging on the powder, then JA decided that he should dilute the powder with an additional 4 scoops of the supplement for an even stronger effect. So he used a total of 8 scoops of pre-workout in a few minutes.

By the time he went to the gym, JA was getting sick before he started hitting the weights. He got a big headache, cold sweats, chills all over his body, and nausea. When he got home, he felt so uncomfortable that he passed out.

The TikToker was taken to the hospital where it was found to have taken eight scoops of pre-workout. His heart rate was so fast, his pupils were abnormally sized, and his blood pressure was through the roof.

Apparently, the very high dose of caffeine and beta-phenylethylamine combined with lifting at the gym had increased JA’s blood pressure so much that it caused bleeding and a stroke in his brain – said Dr. Hsu.

“The combination of huge amounts of caffeine and beta-phenylethylamine in eight pre-workout scoops swallowed all at once with heavy lifting could have raised JA’s blood pressure so high that his brain began caressing in the form of a bleeding “ – Bernard Hsu said.

He was taken to an operation, where parts of his skull were removed to make way for his swollen brain and to relieve the pressure.

Miraculously, his life was saved and he recovered completely in a few months.

Dr. Bernard asks his audience not to follow the path that JA has taken. He says that pre-exercise overuse is not only unnecessary but also very dangerous.

We all agree that a good pre-workout is a valuable tool in our training toolbox, but one bullet is just about enough. Taking 2.4 or 8 scoops is just stupid and dangerous.




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