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Many travel plans were suspended in 2020 and even now in 2021. Since the flights are mostly on the ground and travel is limited, former frequent flyers would be missing out on another enjoyable part of traveling: shopping at the airport.

Malaysia airports launched shopMYairports back in September 2020 to offer retail stores a new way to connect with customers. Customers can shop at the airport conveniently from home without a boarding pass.

Since its inception, the platform has seen one Increase in average monthly sales by more than 50% and the website recorded over 1.5 million website views from buyers across Malaysia.

Build the right audience

shopMYairports should be more than just an extension of the stationary shops at the airport. It’s no ordinary e-commerce platform either.

It boasts Duty paid goodies These are exclusive to the platform and can potentially be cheaper than other online platforms.

Combined with the occasional cybersales on the platform, you may be able to do this Get exclusive and branded products that are cheaper than other online sites. In addition, you can purchase exclusive travel items that can only be bought at airports and have shopMYairports delivered to your doorstep.

  • Some of the hot selling products on shopMYairports
  • They even have travel-friendly products that you can usually find in stores

The prices of their products are quite competitive for other websites as well. For example, you can buy the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for only at shopMYairports RM1.599while other official stores cost the headphones over it.

For buyers who are on the hunt for bargains, shopMYairports started several cybersales on 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12. The sale took place on Boxing Day (December 26th) 58x more sales value on that day compared to their daily average sales.

With the experience of managing rush day sales, the platform is now better prepared for better promotions in 2021 so you can get them authentic, real, travel-exclusive and Duty paid goodies at a cheaper price.

The shopMYaiports website has also recently been updated and it is now easier to shop with your mobile devices.

The shopMYairports website for mobile phones

More than just airport shopping

Buyers can also look forward to more deals and deals on shopMYairports as several exciting initiatives are in sight for the year.

More recently, the platform has added local retailers to its product mix through the ‘HIMPUN Online’ initiative, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase unique products. locally made products at bargain pricesand some of them are platform exclusive too.

  • A variety of products on the platform from local brands
  • Some of the Batik Boutique products are available at shopMYairports / Image Credit: Batik Boutique

HIMPUN was originally physically launched by Malaysia Airports in 2018 to encourage local airport sellers. But now the initiative is being revived so shoppers can #kitajagakita anytime.

They already have several brands on board, including Hatta Dolmat, who will release a range of curated clothing and accessories exclusively for shopMYairports. Other brands such as Batik Boutique, Bingka.KL and Tanamera can also be found on the platform.

shopMYairports is working hard behind the scenes to bring more local sellers to the platform.

In addition to adding more local dealers to the platform, shopMYairports will also reward buyers. If you want to make Raya-capable, you should browse the ShopMYairports range of cosmetics, fashion and accessories, which are available at reduced prices.

You are conducting a Raya campaign until May 25th. When you spend on the platform, you can win weekly shopping vouchers worth up to RM 500.

These are just a few of the many initiatives and monthly promotions that shopMYairports buyers can look forward to. The platform is currently home to over 300 brands to shop from, and more exclusive products will be added to the mix in the future.

With these additions, buyers can expect more local flavors, discounts, and more on the platform to shop for on your laptop or simply on your phone.

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