Jason Statham & Man Ritchie Reteam ‘Wrath Of Man’ Main B.O. With $8M – .


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Update on Saturday morning: Update for analysis According to the calendar for the last cash years, it is the first summer weekend. With cinemas still closed in most of Europe and Brazil due to the pandemic, Disney has decided to move Marvel’s Black Widow to July 9th. The good news is that, unlike last year, we will finally have the appearance of a summer box office season. and United Artists Releasing is filling the vacancy Disney this weekend with the Miramax production of Guy Ritchie’s R-rated Jason Statham action title Wrath of manwho had a solid Friday at BO during the pandemic with $ 3 million (including a preview of $ 500,000 Thursday) and an outlook on a $ 8 million 3 days. That’s a bit more than what Universal’s gritty, R-rated Bob Odenkirk shoot-em did for $ 2.5 million on Friday and a three-day price of $ 6.8 million (this one Film is now in its 7th weekend and is expected to cost $ 24.6 (M through Sunday free from an A-CinemaScore). In addition to the meat-and-potato action films aimed at older men during the pandemic since last August (we’re not counting the video game adaptation Mortal Kombat), Wrath of Man will debut Nobody, Unhinged ($ 4 million ) surpass. Honest Thief ($ 4.1 million) and The Marksman ($ 3.1 million).

Guy Ritchie & Jason Statham action picture “Wrath Of Man” takes over the May weekend vacated by “Black Widow”

The audience reaction to Wrath of Man has been great. Ritchie saw an A- better than The Gentleman’s 2020 B +, which allowed for a return to his kinetic, flashy British capers. This film, also a Miramax production, was released by STX before Covid hit 2,165 theaters in late January and opened for $ 10.65 million. Screen Engine / Comscore PostTrak moviegoers also rated Wrath of Man as good with 77% overall positive and 58% definitely recommendable. Men with 60% made up the total audience with 71% over 25 and 45% over 35. Diversity demos were 42% Caucasian, 24% Black, 23% Hispanic American, and 11% Asian / Other. Man’s anger was strong in the west and southwest. PLF and Imax again accounted for 34% of ticket sales on Friday. Wrath of Man’s critics weren’t as high as The Gentlemen, 66% fresh to 75% freshly certified.





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