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For the many fans of the classically inspired interiors of Kate and Odom Stamps, every glance at their charming and multi-layered home in their popular Instagram feed triggers a multitude of happy and admiring comments. Maybe it’s because their interiors are the opposite of so much sameness we see now. In fact, these are not perfect rooms, but seemingly unstudied rooms that exude comfort, personality and attitude to life.

Odom, the architect of the Stamps and Stamps duo, has experience renovating older houses and has creatively reinterpreted his original coach house from 1904 without increasing the space required and yet doubling the living area. It still retains its cottage feel, but now offers additional space to accommodate the many books and collections.

At home with postage stamps and postage stamps via Quintessenceas well as a variety of rooms for reading, relaxing and easy conversation.

Postage stamps and dining room stamps via Quintessence Kate has also created interiors with charm, sensitivity and an educated respect for history and the sense of place. With several layers, your rooms exude character, comfort and soul.

Postage stamps and postage stamps in Pasadena via QuintessenceAll photos above by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence

With a passion for antiques and textiles and an impressive knowledge of decorative arts and architecture, Kate and Odom continue to strive for authenticity, quality and attention to detail in all of their work.

Postage stamps and postage stamps Style and sensitivityHer new book, Stamps & Stamps, Style and Sensitivity, shares both her own home and a selection of projects. While the houses featured can range in style, from bohemian, downstairs,

Postage Stamps and Postage Stamps Silver Lake Project from Book For formal Georgians, they share a layered eclecticism that comes down to each client personally. Odom added to the charm by adding dormer windows in the bedroom below, which Kate filled with an appealing selection of textiles, antiques, and art.

Postage stamps and bedroom postage stamps from book

For a house in Los Angeles, Odom designed a new loggia below with bold columns and treillage, the floor of which was taken from a ruined French castle, and Kate designed a mix of new and antique furniture and accessories. For all lovers of timeless style and calm, refined luxury, the book is a wonderful addition to your design library. Signed copies can be ordered through the Stamps and Stamps website.

Postage Stamps and Postage Stamps Hancock Park Projectfour photos above by Kate Stamps for Postage Stamps and Postage Stamps, Style & Sensitivity

So thank you Kate for welcoming us to your beautiful home. It was a privilege and a pleasure!




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