Pleasure-Anna Duggar Releases Assertion About Brother Josh Duggar’s CP Arrest


Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth have finally broken their silence about their brother, Josh’s child pornography scandal. According to the couple, they were deeply saddened by the allegations and pray for the truth to come to light as well as for the many abused children around the world.

Joy-Anna and Austin’s joint statement was shared on Instagram and comes after Josh was released on bail and awaiting trial for house arrest.

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The couple asked their followers for “prayers” and expressed how broken they are that one of their family members is involved in such a terrible cause as CP.

The message reads: “We are deeply saddened by the recent allegations against Josh. We didn’t want to rush into statements while trying to process this news ourselves. We are especially broken by the fact that children in the world are hurt and exploited. We ask everyone involved for prayers, and it is our ongoing prayer that the truth may come to light. ‘

This statement follows Josh Duggar The arrest on April 29th after he was in possession of a lot of child pornography involving young people aged 18 months to 12 years.

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Josh pleaded “not guilty” and is awaiting trial in June.

In the meantime he has been released, not in his home with his 6 children and pregnant wife, but with a third party.

The custodians are “close friends” of the family, Lacount and Maria Reber, and Josh has to use his GPS tracker around their home at all times.

That’s not to say he can’t see his children, as the judge has given him “unlimited” time with them on one condition – his wife Anna Duggar has to be there while he hangs out with her minors.

In addition, he was denied all contact with children outside his family and ordered to surrender his passport.




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