The U.S. Mint Is Honoring Maya Angelou By That includes Her


Maya Angelou

Turn it on and make it real for me! Roomies, it’s been almost five years since former President Barack Obama announced that Harriet Tubman’s face would appear on the $ 20 bill by 2020, and we’re still waiting. The action has been delayed under the actions of former President Donald Trump, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed while we wait to see if it will ever materialize. However, it looks like another influential black woman is about to get her flowers in the shape of a coin very soon!

According to the US Mint’s four-year program, the American Women Quarters Program, legendary poet Maya Angelou will be the first woman in this program to receive a quarter with her face on. From next year through 2025, the US Mint will release up to five new designs with different historical figures. In addition, the pioneering astronaut #SallyRide will also have a quarter on her face. The women were selected for their significant contributions to the US Maya, and Sally also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. The medal is the highest civilian honor in the United States

Although the neighborhoods will have the faces of Maya and Sally on their backs, the face of former President George Washington will remain on the front. The US Mint allows anyone to share their contributions on how the coins should be designed. They urge the public to submit recommendations for potential awardees through their web portal, set up by the National Museum of Women’s History and now open!

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Fortunately, in this case, we won’t wait years for this to happen. # Roommate, we just have to wait a few months to get our hands on the coins. The first batch of coins will be put into circulation in January 2022. Hopefully we can get Harriett Tubman’s $ 20 bill next!

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