The Wearable for Discomfort throughout Penetrative Intercourse


Above all, my favorite tool is communication. If you go to a restaurant and there’s something on the menu that you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat at that restaurant. You’re there to feed and have fun, just like everyone else. So you’re asking the server for another menu item instead of the thing you don’t like. It’s the same in the bedroom. If there are certain positions or activities that don’t feel good, this is an opportunity to try something different. You work with your partner to find out what the other might be. Like, “Hey, this thing doesn’t feel good, and these other things feel better. What else is on the table? “We so often minimize sex to this narrow, linear path, A, then B, then C, and then bringing you to orgasm. However, when you share your limitations and discuss workarounds, you often get a sense of creativity, novelty, and attachment, that may not be present in the autopilot.

Other solutions depend on what type of discomfort you are experiencing. Not only are lubricants helpful when you suffer from dryness, but they also add a sense of play and experimentation to sexual experiences. Depending on the challenges you face, it may be important to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Once they assess what is happening to your pelvic floor, they can guide you to other resources that may be helpful, such as: B. for the use of pillows during sex, for dilator therapy or for pelvic floor exercises. We also started a second company called Pelvic Gym that gives people access to pelvic floor classes and exercises at home. People who for some reason don’t have access to a pelvic floor specialist can use this as a stepping stone.

For people who feel uncomfortable with penetration going too deep, Ohnut provides a physical buffer that you can use to adjust that depth. It consists of squishy, ​​stretchy rings worn around the member of the penetrating partner. During penetrative sex, you can get the full ocean movement without worrying about making a partner feel uncomfortable. It takes some of that stress away from whether there will be discomfort. It is also pleasant for the penetration partner: The rings are made of an FDA-approved material that feels like skin and is compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. We hear from people with penises that they generally forget that unconsciousness is even there.




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