It May Be Time to Break Up Your Pandemic Pod


Then the podmates began to get lost, even though they had agreed as a group on a set of strict security standards. Confessions were made of a secret massage, a trip to the hairdresser, an undercover train ride into town.

As more infidelity surfaced, arguments broke out. “Why did we have this capsule when we all saw other people?” said Mrs. Petro. “It’s like saying you’re married and sleeping with everyone. Nobody wanted to commit. I said, “I promise I won’t get my daily latte at the cafe if you stop visiting your family.”

A tense meeting was called and everyone agreed to break up before Thanksgiving. “For a minute there before it exploded, it was really hot and heavy,” said Ms. Petro wistfully. “We were all in love.” They saw each other after the split, she said, “and we’re back, but not quite. Because you can’t go back to that naivety. “

After Joe Silva, host of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Athens 441 radio show, spent the first third of 2020 alone in a pandemic, he decided to “bubble up” with four friends. All hardcore film fans liked to get together to complain about weight issues like the death of the cinema and “reclining theater seats that are so loud”.

Most of their pod time was spent “testing brunch beers and debating the dismal rise of Disney +,” said Silva. The eventual capsule separation, decided during a movie confab after the onset of their second vaccines, was a civilized matter. (The only moment it got hot, Silva said, was when a member suggested seeing Zach Snyder’s director’s cut of “Justice League.”)

They promised each other that after the vaccination they would rent a screening room “and bathe in butter again”. But when they finally ventured into the projection room, even though it was private, they felt vulnerable. They felt grumpy. You weren’t ready.

“It wasn’t until we got to the theater that we realized how damn conditioned we would be in the capsule,” said Silva. “Nobody enjoyed these milk duds after the quarantine as much as we imagined.” Mr Silva, who admitted some “phantom limbs” sensations without his podmates, remained confident that one day his milk duds will “taste more like freedom” when he feels more comfortable in the theaters.




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