Josh Duhamel Slams Netflix Over The Cancellation Of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’


The actor isn’t happy that Netflix decided to cancel Jupiter’s legacy and he has informed the streaming giant! Josh Duhamel He’s pretty upset, just like many fans out there, that the superhero series was abruptly canceled and he went on social media to send a short but very direct message!

It sounds like Duhamel isn’t ready to let go of Jupiter’s legacy.

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His latest post on Instagram was clue enough that this was the case.

As you may know, Netflix announced the cancellation of the superhero show on June 2nd, less than a month after the 8-episode first season aired on May 7th.

The star posted a wild shirtless pic on his Instagram that rocks long gray hair and beard, just like his character Sheldon Sampson.

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In the caption he simply wrote, “If you get dumped by Netflix and have to sit back out there … #sexysantasummer.”

And that’s not all! His intentions became clearer when he added, ‘What’s up @hulu?’ in the same caption basically telling the other network to pick up the show.

Not long ago it was confirmed that while Netflix won’t continue with Jupiter’s legacy, it has ordered a new series, Supercrooks, a villain-centered show set in the same universe based on the comic series by Mark and Leinil Yu.

Duhamel isn’t the only Jupiter’s Legacy cast member to express disappointment with the show’s cancellation.
Leslie Bibb (Grace Sampson) just posted on her Instagram yesterday that “this union is something I believed in and will miss with all my heart.”

The day before, Andrew Horton (Brandon Sampson) argued that Jupiter’s legacy still has many amazing stories to tell: “I’m sorry and I’m sorry that we cannot continue this journey. I feel like we barely scratched the surface with this one, but as the inimitable Jim [Carrey] once said ‘that’s how the biscuit crumbles.’




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