Lady Compelled Adopted Black Baby To Get Pointless Operations For CLOUT!!


A 31-year-old white woman from Washington state forced her six-year-old adopted black daughter to undergo more than 470 medical treatments, including surgery, authorities said.

The woman was charged after doctors determined the child was “perfectly healthy,” MTO News learned – and deemed many, if not all, of the operations unnecessary.

While the motivation for her crime remains unknown, the accused mother then gained sympathy and supporters for her daughter’s operations, but “clout”. She received significant support from the Make A Wish Foundation, and MTO News learned she was even allowed to speak at one of the charity’s black tie events. Look:

Sophie Hartman, 31, had her adoptive daughter wear greaves and go under the knife for several painful surgeries to install a feeding tube and a tube used to flush the child’s bowels.

Sarah, who adopted the child from Zambia in Africa, is now charged with child assault and attempted assault in what medical experts call “medical child abuse”.

If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison, MTO News has learned.

“It is not necessary to know the possible motivation of a caregiver, only the result of the behavior,” wrote Dr. Rebecca Wiester, director of Seattle Children’s Hospital, in a February 19 letter prompting an investigation by the Children’s and Youth Department.

The letter saying the child was “at great risk” was co-signed by other doctors and was part of the prosecutor’s indictment, MTO News learned.


Hartman was charged after the child, identified by the initials CH, underwent 16 days of observation for her numerous ailments and treatments.

“At no point during her admission were there any findings or reported symptoms to support any of her previous diagnoses,” the indictment said.

“All of the available evidence obtained during her admission suggests that CH is a healthy young 6-year-old who would continue to benefit from a de-escalation of medical assistance and a normalization of her childhood experiences.”

Sarah contacted the Make A Wish foundation and received a gift from the organization to be used to help the child. Here is a video that Make-A-Wish made for Sophie.




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