David Adefeso Impresses Followers With One other Finance-Associated Video


David Adefeso shared a video on his social media account that leaves fans in awe. Check it out below.

“Ally Financial must have seen our episode of #WealthDemystified warning new customers not to sign up with banks that are fee-hungry. Ally recently announced that they will be cutting their $ 25 overdraft fees, ”David began his post.

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He also said, “Last year banks collected over $ 12 billion in overdraft fees from low-income Americans. Ninety-five percent of the overdraft fees consumers paid in 2020 – $ 11.8 billion – were billed by people described as financially vulnerable and financially prepared.

David said, “These households are characterized by their efforts to spend, save, borrow, and plan – and also see valuable income being lost to fees collected by check cashiers, pawn shops, and payday lenders. Announcing Ally is a great first step. However, more needs to be done to protect and attract low and middle income consumers to the banking sector.

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Someone said, ‘Finally’ !! Hopefully the rest of the banks will follow suit, “and one commenter posted:” I only had Ally for my license (it’s paid off), but they’re a great financial institution. ‘

One fan said, “Thanks for everything you do for us!”

In other breaking news, David Adefeso is proud to present a current achievement to its fans and followers. Check out the post he shared on his social media account below.

“On May 27, @sootchyapp was honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Capital City Lighthouse Academy @lhaarkansas, Parent and Student Engagement Coordinator – Ms. Vicki Williams. This Sootchy activation took place at the Lighthouse Academy Air Force Base, ”David wrote.

Likewise, David Adefeso shared a Memorial Day post that left fans in awe. Some people told him that he would be a great TV presenter. Stay tuned for more news.




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