Gary Owen’s Estranged Spouse Alleges He Hasn’t Paid Payments Nor Seen The Children In Months: “You Do Bear in mind Us Proper?”


Gary Owens estranged wife Kenya Duke beats the comedian again amid their nasty breakup. In one long post, Kenya claimed Gary hadn’t paid bills since April and hadn’t seen her children for several months.

It appears that Kenya was triggered by a shirt Gary was wearing that read “breadwinner”, which she took as a stab at herself and the family.

Gary’s shirt described “breadwinner” as “a person who makes money to support the family,” which led Kenya to read him for filth and accuse him of being the complete opposite of a breadwinner.

I have allowed you to tell your family, friends, and fans any false stories you want or need to tell us, the relationship, and our children. Because I don’t care or I feel the need to defend myself or to explain myself, ”Kenya began the confused post. “You and I know what it really is! But if you go and do those stupid passive-aggressive posts in these insensitive a ** – T-shirts, I’m triggered and you now have my attention. ”

Then Keyna made some claims about her estranged husband.

“You haven’t supported us since April 1st. Nothing, nada, zero not electricity, water, gas, no insurance (health, dental, life, auto, house etc), no groceries, no maintenance for the house, not the gas or the maintenance of the cars, not the platinum card I got for us (because you wanted one) and you couldn’t get one (yourself), not the cell phone you had for 23 years; Instead, you just got a different phone number and didn’t pay the bill, ”claimed Kenya.

She added that all of her bills are linked to her social security number and credit.

“You paid the $ 4,500 mortgage associated with your SSN and loan (for the first time), but that’s it,” Kenya said.

In addition to the money problems, Kenya claimed that it essentially abandoned their children.

“You haven’t seen your daughter in over 6 1/2 months, you haven’t seen your son in over 4 months. That’s your choice. Do you remember us correctly ????

She continued, “I guess we were useful when your content was needed. Or when I allowed you to live your best life while staying with our kids, the house, and the business. That’s it after 23 years of being the only one who 100% has your back, wow! The new you is a mofo. Do you still recognize correctly? ”

She ended her message with, “You did not care about me to maintain financial stability and sole emotional support for our children. I am the only person who has always protected you and you treat me like that, says more about your character than your antics. You’re not a good guy so cut it out and get a shirt that says DEADbEAT. I’ll let you live your best life again … lying, chasing clout, side chicks and looking for a black celebrity group of friends. #igiveyouzeroproblems #noliestold #DONTBELATEFORTHECOURTDATE

Kenya filed for divorce in March after nearly 18 years of marriage. She is reportedly seeking $ 44,000 a month in spousal support.

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