Sprinting for Abs – Methods to Get a Six Pack with Sprints


The internet is full of excellent abs workouts, and most of them are based on strength training, but not many of them will give you the same positive effects on fitness, tone, speed, explosiveness, and physique as sprinting.

In addition to improving your speed, jumping allows you to build a significant amount of muscle, particularly emphasizing your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, while also shedding those pesky layers of fat that hide those gorgeous muscles underneath.

Sprinting, in its essence, is one of the most explosive workouts you can do. You may be wondering how explosiveness relates to abs tone and strength. First we have to make it clear that we are not just doing a few low-intensity laps of the running track with sprinting.

What we are really talking about are total, high intensity sprints that put a relatively heavy load on your body and you try to get faster with each workout. The better you get at high-intensity sprints, the more efficiently you’ll be training the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core. This is how sprinting can work for abs.

Sprinting for abs – abs work while sprinting

Let’s take this into account: you can contract the abs 58-60 times every 100 meters. Statistically, a world-class professional sprinter can cover those 100 meters in around 45-47 steps, while the average runner would most likely cover them in around 58-60 steps.

This is an extremely powerful combination of aggression, power output, relaxation, constant tension, efficiency, muscle utilization rate and running technique when sprinting.

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This means that the more you sprint while you are low in body fat, the more defined your abs will be. Don’t take our word for it, look at the abs of world class sprinters.

These sprinters rarely put ab training at the top of their priorities and the reason for this is to build their abs during the sprint. In fact, its very core is vigorous running. We should point out that you don’t need to hit world class speed to get these results. However, it is important that you sprint as quickly as possible to optimize your results.

Burn fat while sprinting

Sprint training offers two benefits for your abs and your fat. The first, High intensity sprinting increases the metabolic rate and secondly it will keep it elevated. Simply put, your body will continue to burn calories even after you sprint.

Most people fear extra layers of fat the most, especially in summer when they want to show off the muscles underneath. Sprinting gives you the perfect workout as it burns the fat while building muscle at the same time.

It’s good for spicing up your exercise routine

Not a single person can escape the inevitable boredom that comes with doing the same workouts for weeks, sometimes months. This is why it is important that you change or adjust your training after a certain period of time.

And there’s no more fun way to do this than getting outside, stepping off the gym walls, and running. We guarantee that you will feel like a child again. Learn about speed exercises, proper sprint training like interval and speed training and you will see results soon.

Here are 9 helpful abs sprinting tips:

1. Start your sprint workouts with a few warm-up sets and good stretching, and finish with a few low-intensity laps.

Gently massage the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, straightening your arms and back well. The back and arms are the power generators for your legs.

2. Do exercises such as: B. Hurdle exercises

Or any other type of drill on the track including butt kicks, high knees, skipping, accelerations, bounding jumps, bunny hops and much more. Perform these exercises at a distance of 30 meters. When finished, it goes back to the starting line. Do a few cycles of it. Proper warm-up reduces the risk of injury. Make sure your core is firm and stiff during the movements.

3. Take care of your core and lower back muscles.

One of the most important things for any sprinter, and for almost everyone, is strong lower back muscles. Sprinting itself will build these muscles as well as your core. When you work out in the gym, focus on exercising your rear chain muscles. Focus on strengthening the muscles around the hips and spine. This will help you gain more speed and avoid various injuries.

4. Watch your diet.

Give your muscle the right nutrients, the most important of which is protein. Drink more water. Avoid gaining weight around your core as these are the muscles we want to show off. Sprinting really does a great job of building your abs, but good nutrition is crucial.

5. Use the right shoes.

When you’re ready, you can get a pair of spikes for sprinting. All other exercises can be done in standard running shoes, but you will find that wearing spikes has many benefits as the front of your foot gets maximum traction when you push. When you are strongly bonded to the floor, your core will be forced to work harder to get a stiff and tight midsection.

6. Focus on the core.

Keep them moving along with your lower back muscles as you sprint, focusing on keeping them tense all the time. Keep your chest puffy. Even if you bend forward while sprinting, you remain in control of your core.

7. Use your arms.

Your arms help move your legs, and they should always be positioned at a 90-degree angle. Performing stair exercises is great for this and has a greater effect on your arms than on your legs.

8. Don’t pull, push.

You should run so that you focus on pushing the floor away from your hip or pushing it backwards instead of trying to pull from front to back. Most thigh tears and strains happen when you don’t focus on them.

9. Complete each lap to the finish line.

Force yourself and don’t stop until you have crossed the finish line even while doing exercises. A sudden stop before or after crossing the line and backing up is the most likely cause of injury. Cross the line and finish the lap each time, then slow down from sprinting to casual running, then jogging, then slow walking. Calm down and go back and repeat again.




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