S’poreans aged 12 to 39 can e-book Covid-19 vaccinations from June 11


Starting tomorrow (June 11), Singaporeans between the ages of 12 and 39 can book their Covid-19 vaccination appointments.

Children who will turn 12 this year must have passed their birthday before they can book an appointment.

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), those belonging to this age group would be asked to book their appointments gradually via an SMS with a personalized booking link.

Registrants can expect to receive the SMS a few days after registration.

“However, we ask for your patience and understanding that the SMS can take up to two weeks for some, as more dates are available for the vaccination when more supplies arrive,” said MOH.

Singaporeans in this age group would also be given a “two week priority window” to book their appointments.

Only the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is approved for people between the ages of 12 and 17. However, if you are invited to book your vaccination slots, you are more likely to get an earlier slot if you go to a vaccination center that offers the Moderna-Jab.

Parental consent for people under 18

As part of the vaccination campaign in Singapore, people under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians in order to schedule a vaccination appointment.

Parents or legal guardians can use the website impfstoff.gov.sg to register interest for their child or their community to receive the vaccinations. As part of the process, they must give their consent for their child or ward to receive the vaccine.

Parents or legal guardians must also accompany children aged 12 and over to vaccination centers. People aged 13 and over do not need to be accompanied

MOH said vaccination remains a “key factor and its ability to help Singapore reopen safely will only be felt if we can collectively achieve high population coverage for vaccination”.

“That is why we urge everyone who is eligible for a vaccination if it is offered to you.”

It added that there will be further easing of regulations – such as on group and event sizes, capacity limits, distance rules, mask-wearing and travel – once a sufficient proportion of Singapore’s population is fully vaccinated.

This is especially true for those vaccinated against Covid-19.

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